General Discussion Lists on Health in Africa

  • Health Systems Trust- Discussion Lists
    A useful list of ediscussion groups provided by Health Systems Trust.
  • Afro-Nets
    The electronic conference for the 'African Networks for Health Research & Development' (AFRO-NETS) was established in 1997 to facilitate exchange of information among different networks active in Health Research for Development in Anglophone Africa, and to facilitate collaboration in the fields of capacity building, planning, and research.
  • Discussion Groups of African Diseases
    Discussion groups that cover: Malaria, Schistosomiasis, Leishmania, Trypanosoma cruzi and Chagas, Leprosy, Lymfilaria, Tuberculosis, Parasite Genome, C. elegans, Mosquitos, Geographic Information Systems, Epidemiology, Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Trypanosomids, and (EpiInfo, EpiMap, DoEpi,SSS1) sofware.
  • WHO: Electronic Discussion Groups
    Lists provided by the World Health Organization on the issue of essential drugs and medicines policy.
  • HIF-net at WHO
    HIF-net at WHO is the email discussion list for providers and users of health information in resource-poor settings. Launched in July 2000 in collaboration with WHO, the list is moderated, focused, and text-only. The list has more than 1400 subscribers, from more than 130 countries worldwide.
  • AHILA-net
    AHILA has an electronic discussion group moderated by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (AFRO), headquartered in Brazzaville, Congo.
  • Helina Email List - Health Informatics in Africa
    The HELINA-L mailing list was created in 1994 to implement a recommendation of the First International Working Conference on Health Informatics in Africa, HELINA'93, in coordination with the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • HealthNet News
    This site contains general and registration information to monthly health-related electronic publications related to health issues in the developing world.
  • Healthwize
    A new weekly service to provide expert medical knowledge about a variety of public health issues to help you design more effective communication programs. HealthWise will research, and summarize answers to your questions about public health problems in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, child survival and tuberculosis, malaria. Contact:
  • Subscribe- ProMED
    ProMED-mail - the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases - is an internet-based reporting system dedicated to rapid global dissemination of information on outbreaks of infectious diseases and acute exposures to toxins that affect human health, including those in animals and in plants grown for food or animal feed. ProMED-mail is open to all sources and free of political constraints. Sources of information include media reports, official reports, online summaries, local observers, and others.
  • Mwanachi- The Meeting Forum on African Affairs
    The Mwananchi Community welcomes your opinion on issues affecting us Africans from aids to civil unrest to dictatorships to democracy in Africa. This is an analysis-based group that seeks to, as objectively as possible, provide insight into various conflicts, regions and points of interest around the continent of Africa.
  • Africarib
    Afro-Caribbean Health Communication Network is made up of health communication professionals from Africa and the Caribbean. Formed by participants at the end of the 2003 JHU/CCP Advances in Health Communication training in Baltimore, USA