Hypertension in Africa

  • WHO- Cardiovascular Diseases
    Provides information and links to documents and related internet sites focused on CVS diseases.
  • Hypertension and Atheroma
    This site links to chapter 25 of a 1700 page, 2 volume textbook "The Imaging of Tropical Diseases, with Epidemiological, Pathological and Clinical Corrilation". This richly-illustrated online textbook chapter provides clear and extensive information on hypertension and atheroma for various tropical populations.
  • Article, British Medical Journal- Hypertension treatment and control in sub-Saharan Africa
    Article focusing on "the epidemiological basis for policy" by Richard Cooper, Charles Rotimi, Jay Kaufman, Walinjom Muna, and George Mensah of Loyola Univeristy.
  • Article, Science in Africa- Hypertension and Pregnancy
    Article by Izelle Theunissen investigates hypertension in relation to pregnancy, particularly in South Africa.
  • Article- The prevalence of hypertension in rural and urban Cameroon
    Link to full text PDF article from 1998 published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.
  • Article- Prevalence, Detection, Management, and Control of Hypertension in West Africa
    Published in Hypertension, 2004.
  • Article- ABC of hypertension: The pathophysiology of hypertension
    Article published in the British Medical Journal, 2001.
  • Hypertension and renal failure in Kumasi, Ghana
    This article from 1999 was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension.
  • International Forum for Hypertension control in Africa- (Report)
    This PDF document provides "Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Southern Africa".
  • Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa
    The Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa (CVJSA) is particularly concerned with publication of scientific articles related to Cardiac and Vascular conditions and situations, concerning adults and children, in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa in general.
  • Hypertension (Journal)
    Hypertension presents peer-reviewed reports on clinical and laboratory investigations of the highest quality in the broad field of blood pressure regulation and the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying hypertensive diseases.
  • High Blood Pressure News- American Heart Association
    Site provides links to current news reports and articles.
  • South African Heart Association
    The South African Heart Association was formally constituted in September 1999, becoming the sole organisation representing the professional interests of all cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons in the country.
  • World Heart Federation- Africa Heart Network
    The mission of the African Heart Network is "to play a leading role in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular disease, so that it will no longer be the major cause of premature death and disability throughout Africa".
  • Hypertension Online
    This site hosted by Baylor College of Medicine is an educational resource for information and tools relevant to the field of hypertension, including a slide library, data from landmark clinical trials, emerging treatment paradigms, and late-breaking research findings.
  • South African Hypertension Society
    The South African Hypertension Society is a professional society open to all who work in the health sector and have an interest in hypertension, the related risk factors and target organ damage.
  • Egyptian Hypertension Society
    This national campaign aims to increase public awareness regarding the nature of hypertension, its causes, preventive measures and importance of early diagnosis and treatment.