Hospitals in Africa

    General List



    • Health care in Asmara, Eritrea
      Description and contact information of hospitals and health care services available in Asmara.


    • Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital- Ethiopia
      Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is the only hospital in the world dedicated exclusively to victims of obstetric fistula.

    The Gambia

    • Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital- Banjul, The Gambia
      RVTH is funded primarily by the Gambian Government, but is semi-autonomous, with its own Board. It has recently become a Teaching Hospital. There are 540 beds in the hospital, and it provides Primary Healthcare for Central Banjul through its Polyclinic.
    • Bansang Hospital- Bansang, The Gambia
      Bansang Hospital is situated 200 miles east by road from the coast and is responsible for the health care needs of some 600,000 Gambians.


    • Korle Bu Hospital- Accra, Ghana
      Korle Bu Teaching Hospital functions as a tertiary institution and it is the last referral point in the country.
    • List of Hospitals in Ghana
      List of hospitals and contact information provided by Ghana Home Page.


    • Video- Donka Hospital- Conakry, Guinea
      Documentary film of Donka Hospital that follows the floor-to-floor progress of patients, their families, doctors and nurses. 59 minutes. Provided by First Run Icarus Films.
    • Hospitals- index
      Listed in Government of Guinea website.


    • Raoul Follereau Hospital - Guinea-Bissau
      Information about the rehabilitation of a 115-bed hospital being undertaken by the Catholic Community of Sant'Egidio.


    • Diani Beach Hospital- Mombasa, Kenya
      Diani Beach Hospital was opened in July 1997, on the Kenyan coast. It is of one of the country's most well equipped hospitals with high standards of medical care.
    • Kapsowar Hospital- Kapsowar, Kenya
      Site provides a small amount of information and contacts for an 80-bed mission hospital in rural Kenya.
    • The Nairobi Hospital- Kenya
      The Nairobi Hospital is a private, non-profit organization, totally dependent on income from patient services, and donations. The hospital has 196 beds and approximately 1000 members of staff.
    • St. Mary's Mission Hospital- Nairobi, Kenya
      A newly-constructed outpatient and women's center, which will serve 400 patients daily, will soon have a maternity ward and surgery building.
    • Tenwek Hopstial- Western Kenya
      A mission hospital 150 miles from Nairobi in the Bomet District of Kenya's Rift Valley Province.
    • List of Hospitals- Kenya
      The Christian Health Association of Kenya provides this list of member hospitals and contact information.



    • Ganta Hospital, Ganta, Liberia
      A full-service, 100-bed hospital serving more than 450,000 rural community dwellers in northeastern Liberia.



    • Mulanje Mission Hospital- Mulanje, Malawi
      Mulanje Mission Hospital is under the auspices of the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP). It is a 182-bed general hospital that includes a men's ward, a pediatric unit, and an outpatient department.
    • Embangweni Hospital- Malawi
      Hospital sponsored by Embangweni Mission, Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP).



    • Clinique du Nord- Tombeau Bay, Mauritius
      Clinique du Nord is a private clinic with luxurious air-conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms and toilets, and with television and VCR. It is situated on a white sand beach, with an individualised patio overlooking the bay.
    • Hospitals- Mauritius Ministry of Health
      To access information about government hospitals, click on "services" to get a menu of six hospitals.


    • Chicuque Rural Hospital- Inhambane, Mozambique
      Hospital supported by the United Methodist Church.
    • Maputo Heart Institute
      The Maputo Heart Institute was designed to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, as well as to be an academic center for cardiac research and training.


    • Sudan Interior Mission Hospital- Galmi, Niger
      The SIM is Niger's best-equipped hospital outside Niamey. The staff are mainly Americans and Canadians





    Sierra Leone

    • Kambia Hospital, Sierra Leone
      The Kambia Hospital is sponsored by a UK-registered charity, based in Cheltenham. Website provides current newsletters, general information about the hospital and related programs and information for donors

    South Africa

    • Cris Hani Baragwanath Hospital- Soweto, South Africa
      Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is the largest hospital in the world. It is situated to the south west of Johannesburg, on the southern border of Soweto and has 3,200 beds.
    • The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital- Cape Town, South Africa
      The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital is the only comprehensive paediatric hospital in southern Africa.
    • Arwyp Medical Center
      Private hospital with comprehensive services based in Gauteng, South Africa.
    • Mayo clinic- South Africa
      The Mayo Clinic of South Africa consists of nine multi-story buildings, housing more than fifty doctors and physicians. The Mayo clinic specializes in surgeries and diagnosis and treatment for heartburn.
    • The Wheel Medical Centre- Druban, South Africa
      The Wheel Medical Centre is the largest privately owned Medical Centre within the Durban City Centre offering Dental Services, G.P. Services, Gynaecological Services, Laboratory Services, X-Ray Services, Psychology Services, Medical Aid Services, Physiotherapy Services and Optometry Services.
    • University of Cape Town Private Academic Hospital- South Africa
      UCT private Academic Hospital is a modern healthcare facility linked to the University of Cape Town Medical School, Groote Schuur Hospital and the Red Cross Children's Hospital.
    • Pretoria Academic Hospital- Pretoria, South Africa
      The Pretoria Academic Hospital has 922 active beds. Its designated patient referral area covers the whole of Northern Gauteng and Mpumalanga. Special tertiary services, e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer patients, are also provided to patients of the Limpopo Province.
    • Catholic Health Care Association of South Africa
      The Catholic Health Care Association of South Africa (CATHCA) represents two hospitals, 41 clinics, many hospices and day care centres for HIV/AIDS patients.
    • Karl Bremer Hospital- Cape Town, South Africa
      Karl Bremer Hospital is a second level referral hospital situated on the border of Parow and Bellville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The hospital has 7 surgical theatres, 2 confinement rooms, X-rays and Physiotherapy departments and a Pharmacy.
    • Pretoria Urology Hospital- Pretoria, South Africa
      Private hospital specializing in urology.
    • Hospital Index- South Africa
      Search for a variety of health care centers in South Africa.


    • Tropical Diseases Hospital- Khartoum, Sudan
      The only tropical disease hospital in Sudan. It is a teaching Hospital composed of a scientific office and a developing research laboratory.



    • The Nordic Clinic- Tanzania
      Based in Dar es Salaam, the purpose of The Nordic Clinic is to render comprehensive high quality medical services to all Nordic citizens residing in or visiting Tanzania, equivalent to the medical services provided by a general practitioner in their home countries.
    • Haydom Lutheran Hospital- Mbulu, Tanzania
      Hospital now has 350 beds. It was built by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission in 1953 and is now under the administration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania,(ELCT), Mbulu Synod.
    • Mvumi Hospital- Central Tanzania
      Mvumi is a church hospital situated in the village of Mvumi Mission in Central Tanzania and is run under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika. The hospital provides health care for the population of Dodoma Rural District.
    • Mission Mikocheni Hospital- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      Mission Mikocheni Hospital is affiliated with The Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU).
    • Tanzania Heart Institute- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      Maintains the only heart surgical program in East Africa serving over 60 million people.
    • Kilimanjaro Chrsitian Medical Centre- Northern Tanzania
      Kilimanjaro Chrsitian Medical Centre (KCMC) is a referral hospital for over 11 million people in Northern Tanzania. The hospital is a huge complex with over 450 beds. Over 1000 staff are employed at the centre.



    • Mulago Hospital- Kampala, Uganda
      Mulago is a quaternary referral hospital which also provides training of doctors, nurses, and Allied Health Professionals.
    • Friends of Kisiizi Hospital- Kigezi Highlands, western Uganda
      The Hospital was established in 1958 by the Ruanda Mission and subsequently handed over to the Church of Uganda, being now part of the ministry of the North Kigezi diocese based in Rukungiri.
    • Gulu Independent Hospital- Gulu, northern Uganda
      Gulu Independent Hospital is a member of Marketing Tips line group, a privately owned Marketing Management consulting firm based in England.
    • St. Mary's Hospital- Lacor, Uganda
      St. Mary's Hospital Lacor, better known simply as "Lacor Hospital" is a non-profit charitable institution belonging to the Gulu Catholic Diocese, and has the mission of offering quality accessible health care to all.
    • International Hospital- Kampala, Uganda
      The hospital has a high dependency unit (intensive care) and two modern well-equipped operating theatres.


    • Corpmed Medical Center- Lusaka, Zambia
      CMC is a not-for-profit medical services provider. Corpmed provides health care for many of Lusaka's largest companies and their personnel, and many in the diplomatic community.
    • The Mwandi Christian Mission Hospital- Mwandi, Zambia
      The hospital is a mission of the United Church of Zambia, which has been assisted in this work by the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Medical Benevolence Foundation, and Medical Missions, Inc. of Columbia, South Carolina.
    • Lubwe Mission Hospital- Lubwe, Zambia
      Information about the hospital and the charity fund for its improvement.
    • Hospitals and Clinics in Zambia
      List of contacts for medical facilities around the country provided by


    • Index of hospitals- Zimbabwe
      Contact information provided by Medicstravel, UK. General