The Art and Design of Botswana

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
543 Williams Hall (Cherpack Lounge)

​About Phillip Segola 

(pronounced “Se-ho-la”) is perhaps Botswana’s most widely recognized and experienced artist. Segola retired from a civil service job as principal curator at the National Museum and Art Gallery in 2011 where he played an important role in the growth of the National Art Collection. He studied in the UK, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in graphic design from Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Polytechnic. He began his career in public service soon after returning home with a job in the design section of the Department of Information and Broadcasting (now the Department of Broadcasting Services). As an artist, Segola is responsible for some of the most recognizable designs in Botswana's history, such as the logos for Tirelo Sechaba, Air Botswana and the Motho-le-motho-kgomo campaign, initiated by the late former president Sir Seretse Khama to raise funds in order to establish the University of Botswana. Some of his artworks are included in private collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the USA as well as in the Botswana National Museum Monuments and Art Gallery and the Bank of Botswana Fine Art Collection. He uses a variety of mediums as his pieces vary between paint, photography, graphic design, pencil drawing and are often some combination of these elements. Segola currently runs a design consultancy named 'Segola Fine Art' and hopes to grow the small company into an art and design gallery.
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