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Discourses on HIV/AIDS in Africa

(Spring 2010 Course)

The course focused on the cultural and social dimensions of the impact of HIV/AIDS on African communities, both the infected and the affected. It started by taking students on the historical journey of HIV/AIDS in Africa as outlined in the text by J. Iliffe (2006) A History – The African AIDS Epidemic... More

Why did the ABC Messages Fail to Achieve the Desired Results in Botswana?

(Kent Amoo-Achampong, Class of 2011 & Lindsay Nadkarni , Class of 2012)

Media responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

(Monika Wasik, Class of 2012; Nicholas Sang, Class of 2012; Tanya Pavri, Class of 2010)

Language Use in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS - The Case of South Africa

(Genevieve Barnard, Class of 2012; Allyson Gordon, Class of 2010)

HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

(Kaitlyn Berger, Class of 2011; Max Greiner, Class of 2010; Liz Lewis, Class of 2012)

Community Education Against HIV/AIDS Stigma in Africa

(Catherine Galloway, Class of 2012; Eva Noble, Class of 2010; Shama Jamal, Class of 2012)

The Silent Victims Orphans of the Scourge

(Adrienne Ricks, Class of 2015; Joseph Hallman, (Post Bachelor) Class of 2011)

Gender Inequality and HIV/AIDS in Africa

(Emily Selvin, Class of 2011; John Paul Julien, Class of 2011; Mel Doukas, Class of 2011)

Role of the Youth in the fight against HIV AIDS in Africa,

(Teresa Baik, Class of 2010; Marisol Ferguson, Class of 2011; Elizabeth Hardin, Class of 2011)

The Role of Traditional Healers in The Fight against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa,

(Foday Daboh, Class of 2012; Lorraine Mutyaba, Class of 2010; Khanh Tran, Class of 2011)

Christianity and Islam - Advocates and Opponents in the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

(LaTonya Bennett, Class of 2011; Vernon Caldwell, M.S.Ed 2010 Candidate;Jolecia Flournory, Class of 2011)

The Role of Funding Agencies and Donors in HIV/AIDS,

(Sevelle Holder, Class of 2010; Renee Betancourt , M.D. Class of 2011; Hannah Laufer, Class of 2011)

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