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Summer 2012 Course List
Course Name Course # Section Cross– Listings Type Instructor Fulfills Meeting Time CU's Notes
Penn in GrahamstownThe course begins with four two-hour online classes that provide an overview of South African music, dance, and theater beginning two weeks before the festival. Students will be expected to post to blogs and discussion forums about course materials audio, video, and readings-- provided online prior to leaving for South Africa.These blogs and discussion materials will be fully integrated into the online lectures.The Grahamstown Festival includes a wide range of events: we will focus on South African jazz, gospel, and art music, with some discussion of dance and theater.All students will be required to post daily to blogs and discussion forums while at the Festival.The class will conclude with two days of discussion, synthesis, and a final essay. AFST 056 950 AFRC 056 Sem Muller Cross Cultural Analysis 1 Study Abroad Course
S. Africa: Contemp Performances MUSC 056
The Darfur ConflictDuring the past four years, issues that pertain to the conflict in Darfur—Sudan were brought to attention by diverse constituents from policy makers, human rights activists, and national and international entities, each advocating its own interest. This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the Darfur conflict based upon historical and cultural factors, as well as upon analyzing the ideology of the successive Sudanese states specifically the current government. The course will explore the role of regional and international politics with interest in the on-going the conflict, the "Genocide" and ICC controversies, as well as the role of local militia, the politics of aid in war-torn areas, and the role of Sudan’s neighbors in the Darfur conflict and how this could be related to other conflicts in the Sudan. AFST 169 910 Lec Dinar Cross Cultural Analysis TR 5:30-8:40pm 1 5/21/12 - 6/29/12
Course Name Course # Section Cross– Listings Type Instructor Fulfills Meeting Time CU's Notes
Elementary Amharic I AFST 240 980 AFRC 240 AFRC 540 AFST 540 NELC 481 Lec Zemichael MTWR 9am-1pm 1 06/04/12 - 07/27/12
Elementary Twi I AFST 160 980 AFST 562 AFRC 162 Lec Donkoh MTWR 9am-1pm 1 06/04/12 - 07/27/12
Elementary Wolof I AFST 490 980 Lec Staff MTWR 9am-1pm 1 06/04/12 - 07/27/12

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