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Penn National African Language Initiative Summer Institute (NALISI) Zulu Program
June 13 — August 05, 2011

Zulu Elementary Proficiency Outcomes: Level 1 Plus

As their performance floor, elementary students will be able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and maintain very simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. They will be able to perform, with consistency, all of the following Level 1 tasks and range of topics:

Topics Tasks
  • Family
  • Jobs
  • Hobbies, interests
  • Well-known events
  • Geography
  • Everyday survival topics
  • Minimum courtesy requirements
  • Everyday activities
  • Familiar topics
  • Simple short conversation
  • Simple narration
  • Simple description
  • Routine Situations (requiring ability to carry out a basic survival task)

As their performance ceiling, they will be able to perform some of the Level 2 tasks. They will be able to initiate and maintain predictable face-to-face conversations and satisfy limited social demands. They will be able to satisfy most travel and accommodation needs and a limited range of social demands beyond immediate survival needs. Accuracy in basic grammatical relations will be evident, although not consistent. For example, they may exhibit knowledge of subject markers for different noun classes, but may make frequent errors in formation of relative constructions from adjectives and/or verbs across noun classes. They will be able to use person, space and time references but not consistently well.

For more information about African Languages at Penn please email the Director of African Language Program,
Dr. Audrey N Mbeje, or call: (215) 898-4299

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