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Penn National African Language Initiative Summer Institute (NALISI) Zulu Program
June 13 — August 05, 2011

Course Objectives

The frame-work of the NALISI project are the 5Cs of the National Standards, namely, Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities as well as the Interagency Language Round-table (ILR) guidelines. The course is performance-based. Upon completion of the program the elementary students will be able to perform at Level 1+ (ceiling) and Level 1 (floor) and the intermediate students at Level 2+ (ceiling) and Level 2 (floor) on the Interagency Language Round-table (ILR) scale.

For more information about African Languages at Penn please email the Director of African Language Program,
Dr. Audrey N Mbeje, or call: (215) 898-4299

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