11th Annual African Studies Consortium Workshop

University of Pennsylvania Campus

Armado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium

Friday, October 3, 2003



8:30  9:00

Introductory Comments

9:00  9:15

Lee Cassanelli, Director, African Studies Center

Paul Kaiser, Associate Director, African Studies Center

Challenges of Globalization

9:15 -- 10:45

Chair and Discussant, Paul Kaiser, University of Pennsylvania

Harvey Glickman, Haverford College

The 419 Advance Fee Scams: Prank or Peril

Richard E. Mshomba, La Salle University

Is Africa Being Tripped by TRIPs?

James A. Jones, West Chester University

Modeling Globalization's Impact on Africa

Izzeldin Bakhit, Independent Scholar, Economist

Mass Poverty in Developing Countries: A Cultural Perspective

Coffee Break

10:45  11:00

Politics of Gender

11:00  12:00

Chair and Discussant, Ellen Foley, University of Pennsylvania

Maghan Keita, Villanova University

Sogolon, Her Daughters, Their Children: Woman and Youth and the Political Economy of Health Care in Senegal

Susannah Wing, Haverford College

Negotiating Democracy: Legal Pluralism and the Rights of Women in West Africa

Lunch Break

12:00  1:00

Youthful Africa

1:00  2:30

Chair and Discussant, Philip Kilbride, Bryn Mawr College

Robert Mortimer, Haverford College

Youth and the Issue of Political Transparency in Algeria

David A. Samper, University of Pennsylvania

Devil Worship Fears as a Form of Parental Control in Kenya

Cati Coe, Rutgers University, Camden

Schools as Sites for Youth Political Participation: Learning and Performing "Culture" in Ghana

Coffee Break

2:30  2:45

Trauma & Healing

Chair and Discussant, Al-Hassan Conteh, University of Pennsylvania

2:45  3:45

Catherine Byrne, University of Pennsylvania

Interviewing Victims of Gross Human Rights Violations: Unexpected Practical, Methodological, and Ethical Challenges

Tonya N. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania

The Drama of AIDS in Everyday Life: Youth and Peer Education and Prevention in Rural Zimbabwe

New Directions in Physical Anthropology

3:45  5:00

Chair and Discussant, Emily Renschler, University of Pennsylvania

Janet Monge (Representing the joint work with Sibel Barut and Chapurukha Kusimba), University of Pennsylvania

Who Were the Iron Age East Africans? The Case of the Swahili Coast

Theodore Schurr, University of Pennsylvania

Genetic Variation in Ethiopia: History and Diversification of East African Populations


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar

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