13th Annual African Studies Consortium Colloquium
 “The Mind and Body in Africa
12th Annual Workshop
11th Annual Workshop (10/03/2003)
10th Annual Workshop (01/31/2003)

9th Annual Workshop

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5th Annual Workshop
October 7th, 2005
8:30 AM. - 4:30 PM
The purpose of this colloquium is reflect on the “mind and body” in Africa from a wide range of intellectual perspectives.  This colloquium will provide a forum for scholars and practitioners to share their research in a day-long, intensive interdisciplinary setting.  The event will assemble health care providers along with Africanists from the humanities and social sciences to explore, broadly and comparatively, the "mind and body" in Africa.

Free & Open to the Public


9:00-9:30        Breakfast Reception /Introduction
Welcoming Remarks by Lydie Moudileno,
Director, African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania

9:30-10:30      Session I: Agency and/in the Body
Chair: Clare Ignatowski, University of Pennsylvania

- “The White Shadow, or How to Write European Agency Into the African Subject Without Apologetics”.  Tim Burke, Swarthmore College 

- “Multiple Citizenship and its Implications for Women”.  Susanna Wing, Haverford College

 10:30-10:45    Coffee Break

10:45-12:15    Session II: Imagining Bodies
Chair : Kalala Ngalamulume, Bryn Mawr College

- “Displacing Images and People in Contemporary West African Film”.  Carina Yervasi, Swarthmore College

- “Colonial Afterlives: The Specter of Hispanism in the Literature of Equatorial Guinea”. Lazaro Lima, Bryn Mawr College

- “African Horror and Noble French Love in Aida Madi Diallo's  ‘Kouty, mémoire de sang’”.  Pim Higginson, Bryn Mawr College

 12:15-1:15      Lunch Break

 1:15-2:15        Keynote Address

Introductory comments by Donald Silberberg, University of Pennsylvania

“HIV Control in Uganda: Behind the Success Story”
Elly Katabira, Makerere University Medical School

 2:15-3:15        Session III: Listening to the Body
Chair: Donald Silberberg, University of Pennsylvania

-“AIDS/HIV Risk, Marriage and Sexual Relations in Malawi”.  Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania

- “Narrating the Embodied Experience of HIV/AIDS”.  Tonya Taylor, University of Pennsylvania

 3:15-3:30        Coffee Break

3:30-5:00        Session IV: Minds at Work: Health Development and Human Rights
Chair: Ali Dinar, University of Pennsylvania

- “From Cairo to Dakar: The Human Rights Approach to Reproductive Health Care and the Micropolitics of Fertility in Senegal”.  Ellen Foley, University of Pennsylvania

 -“HIV Drugs as a Human Right: International Debates and Health Development Models”.  Elise Carpenter, University of Pennsylvania

- “’Risky’ Culture: Media Representations and Local Interpretations of HIV/AIDS Risk in Rural Kenya and Malawi”.  Crystal Biruk, University of Pennsylvania

This Program is organized by the University of Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr, Haverford,
and Swarthmore Colleges



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