Call for Papers: Rethinking Peace, Coexistence, and Human Scarcity in the African Great Lakes Region, 09/02

Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 17:00:44 +0000 From: Kathryn Barrett-Gaines

Center for Conflict Management Centre de Gestion des Conflits National University of Rwanda, Universite Nationale de Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda

Call for Paper Proposals

This is a call for proposals for contributions of analytical research papers for Cahier No. 5 of the Center for Conflict Management at the National University of Rwanda. This cahier is the second of two cahiers to result from a workshop held in Kigali Rwanda in April 2002, on "Rethinking Peace, Coexistence, and Human Security in the African Great Lakes Region."

The workshop was a collaborative effort of the Center for Conflict Management at the National University of Rwanda, UNHCRís Imagine Coexistence Project, the University of Marylandís Center for International Development and Conflict Management, and the Commission on Human Security.

The objectives of the workshop were to bring together coexistence and conflict management practitioners and researchers to explore approaches and paths to peace in the Great Lakes region. Through intensive brainstorming sessions and small group discussions, the participants built regional and local relationships to increase contacts and trust between individuals. The information shared and developed will serve to improve both research and practice in the countries of the region and to provide general lessons learned. This process and the exchange among researchers and practitioners will help define a practice-driven element in University-based research agendas.

The outcomes of the conference have been publication of the conference proceedings, the development of regional networks of practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, and donors, and list of recommendations for practitioners, donors, researchers, and policy makers.

This call for paper proposals is also an outcome of the conference as we are seeking to publish a second cahier of papers on the themes of the workshop: peace, coexistence, and human security. The papers should be analytical, based on primary research, and focused on the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Please send via email your CV and a brief, one-page proposal of the paper you would like to contribute to this volume. Please also forward this call for paper proposals on to other people who might find it interesting.

The deadline for proposals is the first of September 2002. Send your CV and proposal electronically, by email, to Eugene Ntaganda, Scientific Coordinator of the Center for Conflict Management at the National University of Rwanda,

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar,