Web Bookshop Holiday Request, 11/19/98

Web Bookshop Holiday Request, 11/19/98

Web Bookshop Holiday Request Date distributed (ymd): 981119 APIC Document

Special Notice

Suggest a gift book or CD for the Holidays!

The Africa Policy Information Center (APIC) is launching a new room in our web bookshop - just in time for holiday shopping! But we need your input and help in doing so. We need your suggestions for your favorite books on Africa and recommendations of African music CDs that you would personally send as gifts.

Your suggestions will appear in a new bookshop special in early December. When visitors to the site select your suggestion(s) and order a book or CD from the on-line bookshop through our site, APIC will receive a 15% referral commission.

And keep APIC in mind for your own on-line shopping for gifts or for your own use. If you purchase books or CDs through APIC's web site (, you can search from our site. Amazon's entire selection is just a click away, and any book or CD that you order will generate a 5% referral commission for APIC.

Won't you make a suggestion for our special holiday section? Please complete the form below and send it to rather than the general APIC e-mail address. You may submit as many recommendations as you wish. To do so, please be sure to fill in the form as completely as possible for each item, including a one-or-two sentence description of the book or CD and a brief identification of who you are.

(Special note to publishers: Any books received as review copies will be listed in the bookshop. Selected books will also be annotated with short comments and listed in appropriate topical sections.)


To make a book or CD suggestion, just put this form in an e-mail to (cut and paste the form into a new message, or use your reply function, substitute the address and delete the text above to leave only this form) and fill in the blanks. Your answers can be more than one line, but please keep within the brackets and don't delete them.

1. title of book or CD

2. author(s) / musician(s)

3. place of publication

4. publisher / label

4. year of publication / release

6. mailing address and other contact information for publisher, if available

7. URL of publishers' web site, if available

8. I recommend this book or CD as (put an x for each option that applies)

recommended for a reader without much Africa background

recommended for someone very interested in the subject

recommended for someone with academic interests and background knowledge

recommended for high-school students

recommended for pre-high-school children

recommended as an attractive "coffee-table book

a book I myself would like to get as a present

an African music CD I would be happy to give or receive

9. your one- or two-sentence comment

10. your name

11. your title and institutional affiliation, or other identification

12. your city and country of residence

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