Africa: APIC Note to Readers, 01/03/97

Africa: APIC Note to Readers, 01/03/97

Africa: APIC Note to Readers

Date distributed (ymd): 970106

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Note to Readers -- January 6, 1997

1997 will be the third year for regular distribution of documents through this list, which continues to grow with almost every posting. We hope you continue to find it useful this year, and that you will also continue to let others know about its availability.

We particularly appreciate those of you who pass on to us documents for possible redistribution. Please continue to do so, even if you do not see those particular documents redistributed. Be assured that the material is useful in contributing to our understanding and that it is shared in other ways in response to inquiries. In 1997 we will also be trying to figure out better ways to share a greater volume of sources more widely without violating our commitment to list readers to limit the size and frequency of postings to a manageable scale.

We thought you might be interested in seeing how addresses on the list are distributed by top-level domain (that is the last part after the dot in your e-mail address).

Africa Policy Electronic Distribution List Domains of addresses on list as of Dec. 31, 1996

There are 1401 addresses on the list, an increase of 62% from 865 as of the end of December 1995. Note that these totals do not include addresses receiving the list by redistribution through other mailing lists, bulletin boards or conferences, such as Africa Advocacy on Ecunet, the AFRICA-N listserv in Toronto, the apic conference on Angonet, and others. In addition to those with two-letter (country) domains, a number of addresses with org, com, net, compuserve domains are outside the US.

edu 412

igc 188 (Institute for Global Communications)

org 146

com 121

aol 57 (America Online)

apc:gn 54 (UK plus gateway to several African countries)

za 51 (South Africa)

uk 39

net 37

gov 37

apc:web 36 (APC affiliate, Canada)

compuserve 36

ca 24 (Canada)

apc 19 (Other APC affiliates)

nl 19 (Netherlands)

mz 12 (Mozambique)

it 10 (Italy)

apc:wn 10 (APC affiliate, South Africa)

se 9 (Sweden)

au 9 (Australia)

be 8 (Belgium)

no 7 (Norway)

de 7 (Germany)

us 5

ch 4 (Switzerland)

mil 4

dk 4 (Denmark)

ie 3 (Ireland)

pl 3 (Poland)

ug 3 (Uganda)

pt 2 (Portugal)

ke 2 (Kenya)

jp 2 (Japan)

zw 2 (Zimbabwe)

na 2 (Namibia)

fr 2 (France)

at 1 (Austria)

ml 1 (Mali)

gl 1 (Greenland)

ee 1 (Estonia)

jm 1 (Jamaica)

bf 1 (Burkina Faso)

ma 1 (Morocco)

nz 1 (New Zealand)

zm 1 (Zambia)

ls 1 (Lesotho)

sz 1 (Swaziland)

gh 1 (Ghana)

lu 1 (Luxembourg)

id 1 (Indonesia)

ci 1 (Cote d'Ivoire)

More Background Available

For those of you (276 in number) who have joined the list (or changed your address) since August, this note is followed by another message containing the updated file describing the list. Although some of you may have seen this description of our list before signing on, many have not. Anyone else who wishes to get this updated description can obtain it by sending any e-mail message to

As most of you are aware, a survey of subscribers last June resulted in over 417 returned questionnaires, a response rate of over 25%, and an estimate that total readership at that time (with 1164 on the list) came to between 6100 and 6200 individuals. A full report on the survey is available on the Africa Policy Web Site at:

Changes and Future Plans

In 1996 we have placed a limited number of featured documents, often longer than appropriate for distribution via the e-mail list, on the Africa Policy Web Site. If you have access to the Web, and have not visited that site for some time, please take a look. In the last quarter of 1996, hits (visits) to the home page averaged almost 250 a week, and a total of more than 2100 documents were retrieved from the archive of documents previously distributed through the list.

The greatest volume of material on our site consists of this archive, totalling 195 documents in 1995 and 1996. You will also find that beginning in 1997 documents are available in html as well as plain text format, with live links for following up sources mentioned in the documents.

[If you do not have access to the Web, but only e-mail, there are a variety of ways to obtain the same resources by e-mail. For more information, see the APIC background paper "Africa on the Internet," available by e-mail by sending the message "send inet" (without the quotation marks) to Additional information on e-mail access to Web resources is available by sending the following message to send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email]

Although our planning is not sufficiently advanced to promise a timetable, we hope in 1997 to be able to launch a new component to our electronic services which will expand our capability to refer people to a wider range of sources. Currently in the planning stage is a database of electronic sources (both web and e-mail) relevant to Africa policy issues, which should be accessible both on the Web and by e- mail. While the launch date is uncertain, expect to hear from us in the next few months with a request for specific input from you.


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