DHA-Geneva Daily Information Report No. 42

DHA-Geneva Daily Information Report No. 42

                        CIVIL DISTURBANCE
                        26 September 1994
         Information for this report is provided by the
              UN Rwanda Emergency Office in Kigali

DHA-GENEVA 94/0333

This sitrep is produced three times every week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The information is compiled from inputs by organizations working in Rwanda including UNICEF, UNDP, WFP, UNHCR, WHO, IOM, UNAMIR, USAID-DART, US-JTF and NGOs.


There is concern about reports of ex-government soldiers moving into Tanzania.

UNAMIR is preparing to transport up to 4,000 internally displaced people per day as from next week.

ICRC reported that Mabanza camp near Kibuye has been burnt to the ground. The camp used to hold 7,000 people.

UNAMIR will be sending a team to join the 'Joint Task Force' in Zaire which will work with the Zairian government to plan the movement of the refugees in Goma to sites further from the border.

A mass grave of 8,033 bodies was found near Gafunzo.

Air Kenya will begin commercial flights to Kigali from the beginning of October.


A UNHCR spokesperson said that dozens of former Rwandan soldiers have left refugee camps in Zaire and made their way by an unknown route to Ngara in Tanzania. The presence of soldiers in Goma continues to cause insecurity.


UNAMIR is preparing to transport up to 4,000 internally displaced persons every day from camps in the Gikongoro area to the major route between Butare and Gitarama. UNAMIR has targeted those camps which will be particularly difficult to reach when the rainy season is firmly established. The aim is to assist in as many voluntary movements as possible before transport to these site becomes too difficult. The plan has caused some concern in the humanitarian relief community that they were not consulted about the details of the operation. A meeting was scheduled for 23 September to discuss the UNAMIR plan and identify the best way to proceed with the operation to assist internally displaced.

UNHCR reported that people continue to cross into Tanzania from Rwanda at a rate of approximately 1,000 per day.

UNREO Cyangugu reported that 612 persons crossed from Zaire to Rwanda on 22 September. 12 IOM and WFP trucks carrying 840 returnees to Gitarama (79 persons) and Kigali (761 persons) will leave today.

BRITCON reported that they have transported 1,088 people from Musange camp near Gikongoro back to their home areas. The transportation operation from this camp has been completed. They also have 6 trucks that shuttle between Gisenyi and Ruhengeri which carry approximately 400 people per day.

UNHCR has increased its programme to provide assistance to returnees and internally displaced persons inside Rwanda. Under this programme, 115,000 spontaneous returnees have already been provided with food and non-food assistance. In addition transport has been provided within Rwanda. Over 200,000 people are estimated to have returned to Rwanda from the caseload that left after April 6. In addition, 150,000 "long-term" refugees have returned from Uganda and Burundi.


On 22 September the Rwandese Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu signed a project document with UNDP to assist the government in improving its administrative capacity. The project will focus on the key ministries and is budget for USD 1 million. The technical assistance package will provide basic and essential items of equipment to provide the tools for the ministries to be able to function.


Air Kenya will begin commercial flights to Kigali from the beginning of October. As of 1 November Sabena plans to start flights from Belgium through Nairobi to Kigali. The insurance premium has been increased for flights into Kigali. Sabena is paying USD 22,000 per flight to Kigali.

In the past few days USAF and RAF have both used Airwanda to handle and offload their aircraft. They have not needed the assistance of the international loading teams. The USAF has ceased payments of staff at the airport. This is now the responsibility of the airport authority.

General Gerald, Commander of the US Joint Task Force, concluded at a press briefing that the US mission had been successfully completed. The US have given assistance with water purification, airport management and airlift capacity. Over USD 80 million have been given in airlift support. In addition to this, a Civilian Military Operation Centre (CMOC) was formed which interfaced with UNREO, UN Agencies and NGOs. The US operation will end at the end of the month.

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