Africa: APIC Note to Readers, 10/14/'95

Africa: APIC Note to Readers, 10/14/'95

Africa: APIC Note to Readers

Africa Policy Information Center

A Note to Readers of our Postings October 14, 1995

**New Web, Gopher Site**

APIC is pleased to announce, for those with access to Web or Gopher software, the availability of documents posted earlier in 1995, now on our new Web and Gopher site on Peacenet. Documents are available in inverse chronological order, in order by geographical area, or by keyword search. The same documents are available either through a Web browser or a gopher interface.

The URL for the web page, which serves as an entry point to the documents in the gopher directory, is:

[type the URL exactly as above; note that the filename at the end is index.shtml, not just .html.]

The gopher address is: 7040

The 7040 is the port number, and cannot be omitted. In URL format, the gopher address is:


The archived documents are not yet available by email request, but we are investigating user-friendly ways to make that possible.

Web sites that have been incorporating our postings onto their own pages are welcome to continue doing so, or to link their pages to the address above.

**Electronic Distribution List**

Our primary means for distribution of current documents will continue to be our email electronic distribution list, both because it reaches readers directly in their mailboxes rather than requiring them to check a web or gopher location regularly, and because the number of potential readers with only an email link is still much larger than those with a full Internet connection.

The effectiveness of this tool in helping to build a constituency which can counter the marginalization of Africa in current policy debates will depend in large part on the number of people it can reach. So, if you find these postings useful, we would urge you (1) to let your on-line friends know about them, and (2) tell your friends who are concerned about Africa but not yet on-line about it, as one more reason for them to find a way to gain access.

**An Additional Note and Request**

This distribution list is free of charge, and will continue to be distributed free. We are, however, a small organization; our resources fall far short of those needed to speak up for Africa in Washington in this current political context. Your paid membership in the APIC educational network, and additional contributions, would be most welcome and well-used. It will also bring you attractively produced APIC publications for your own use and to pass on to others.

Some of you are already members and contributors, and others, we know, are not in a position to make any financial contribution. But if you are able to do so, please consider filling in the following form and sending it in with your check or money order.

P.S. This additional note is going only to those addresses which have been on our list for six months or more.


Membership in APIC's educational network entitles you to receive all APIC publications. APIC Associates also receive three issues of Washington Notes on Africa, the newsletter of the Washington Office on Africa. APIC organizational associates receive five copies of each publication. Contributions in excess of the basic $30 membership fee are tax-deductible under U.S. law.

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