Africa Book Centre: New Books, 6/17/98

Africa Book Centre: New Books, 6/17/98

NEW BOOKSAT THE AFRICA BOOK CENTRE ñ June 20 1998 38 KING ST, LONDON WC2E 8JT, TEL: +44 (0) 171 240 6649FAX: +44 (0) 171 497 0309.E-MAIL:

14632 AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 1998. Reviews current socio-economic performance in the continent and provides an analysis of issues relating to human capital development in Africa. The report also presents economic and social statistics on Africa. OUP, UK,tables, graphs, stats, bib, 236pp, PB Pound15.99

*14850 Andersson, Lars-Gunnar & Janson, Tore. LANGUAGES IN BOTSWANA: Language Ecology in Southern Africa. Describes languages spoken in Botswana other than English and Setswana, including Nabtu, Khoisan and a few European languages. Gives details of where and by how many people the languages are spoken, and a review of their status and future prospects. Longman Botswana, refs, index, 204pp, PB Pound13.95

14660 Bakare, Sebastian. DRUMBEAT OF LIFE: Jubilee in an African Context. A Zimbabwe Anglican priest reflects on the future of the Christian church, particularly in Africa, on the eve of the eighth assembly of the World Council of Churches in December 1998 in Harare. World Council of Churches, Switzerland, 52pp, PB Pound2.75

14863 Clarke, Duncan. AFRICAN HATS AND JEWELLERY Large-format, colour illustrated introduction to artefacts used in body decoration - jewellery, beads, hats, cloths and masks - and the part they play in adornment, as symbols of status and wealth, in ceremonial and everyday life, and in masquerades. Grange Books, UK, 370 x 270mm, col & b/w illus, 111pp, HB Pound9.99

14376 Cummings, S J R. GENDER TRAINING: THE SOURCE BOOK Reviews experiences of gender training practitioners, including those involved in gender education and training, as well as research. Contributions include gender advocates from different regions, with a case study from South Africa. KIT & Oxfam, NETHERLANDS & UK, notes, bibs, index, 176pp, PB Pound15.95

13060 Egejuru, Phanuel (Ed.) NWANYIBI: Womanbeing & African Literature. Essays on the condition of African women. Four categories: realities and fantasies; new options and redefinitions; South African woman writers; francophone writers. African World Press, USA, notes & refs, 168pp, PB Pound12.99

12882 Eribo, Festus & Jong-Ebot, William. PRESS FREEDOM AND COMMUNICATION IN AFRICA Essays that analyse the problems and occasional benefits of the colonial legacy and the fragility of press freedoms in post-colonial administrations bedeviled by underdevelopment and political instability. Red Sea Press, USA, bib, index, 382pp, PB Pound14.99

*14851 Fisch, Maria. THIMBUKUSHU GRAMMAR Learner for a Bantu language spoken by the Hambukushu in north-eastern Nambia and north-western Botswana. Out of Africa, Namibia, 153pp, PB Pound15.95

14861 Foley, Conor. SIGNING UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Welcomes the Labour Government's emphasis on Human Rights but argues that further action is needed, offering an eight-point recommendation. Amnesty International, UK, 44pp, PB Pound6.99

14127 Heinrich, Wolfgang. BUILDING THE PEACE: Experiences of Collaborative Peacebuilding in Somalia 1993-1996. Research and analysis on the challenges involved in developing peaceful solutions to conflict. Based largely on consultative interviews in the various regions. Life & Peace Institute, Sweden, notes, apps, bib, 278pp, PB Pound13.95

*14854 Isaak, Paul John. RELIGION & SOCIETY: A Namibian Perspective. A Namibian Perspective. Ecumenical theology that locates religious experience in contemporary socio-politico-economic realities. Out of Africa, Namibia, b/w illus, bib, 120pp, PB Pound7.95

*14856 Lilienthal, Adelheid. ART IN NAMIBIA: National Art Gallery of Namibia. Colour-illustrated introduction to Namibian art, with sections on rock paintings and engravings, landscape and wildlife art, traditional andultilitarian art, and contemporary art and artists, showing trends fromstrongly Eurocentric to more Afrocentric concerns. Special recognition is given to the internationally-known artist John Muafangejo. Namibia, 29991630732, 42pp, Pound31.95

*12669 Mama, Amina. WOMEN'S STUDIES AND STUDIES OF WOMEN IN AFRICA DURING THE 1990S Covers three main themes: women, politics and the state (pre-colonialc, colonial and post-colonial); cultural studies ( ideologies of domsticity, religion, sexuality, family, genital mutilation); and work and economy (conceptual issues, women's work in pre-colonial Africa, labour relations, formal and informal sectors, sex work). ISSN: Senegal, bib, 96pp, PB Pound7.50

*14852 Mans, Minette. ONGOMA!: Notes on Namibian Musical Instruments Learning resource on Namibian music, with chapters on percussion, string and wind instruments, together with class tasks. Gamsberg Macmillan, Namibia, b/w illus, 135pp, PB Pound11.50

11976 Mickels Kokwe, Gun. MAIZE, MARKETS & LIVELIHOODS: State Intervention and Agrarian Change in Luapula Province, Zambia 1950-1995. Study of Agrarian development, arguing that intervention needs to be tailored to local circumstances to achieve long-term success. The author contradicts current universalist characteristics of structural adjustment policies, suggesting that the future for smallholders will remain bleak until area- and people-sensitive approaches are given adequate recognition. Institute of Development Studies, Finland, maps, tables, notes, bib, 206pp, PB Pound10

*14849 Roodt, Veronica. TREES & SHRUBS OF THE OKAVANGO DELTA: Medicinal Uses and Nutritional Value. Colour-illustrated guide to the flora of an area of Botswana. Entries give details on background, distribution and wood, together with known medicinal properties and local superstitions. Shell Oil, Botswana, 9991202412, many col and b/w illus, 233pp,PB Pound14.95

*14855 Tonjes, Herman. OVAMBOLAND: Country, People and Mission A description of the culture and people of South-West Africa by a German colonist originally published in 1911. Namibia Scientific Society,Namibia, 9991640053, b/w illus, maps, 282pp, PB Pound17.95 *14853 Totemeyer, Gerhard & Wehmhorner, Arnold. ELECTIONS IN NAMIBIA An analysis of the Namibian elections against the background of global political developments. Includes sections on electoral systems, voting information, 1989 and 1994 elections, media coverage, gender issues, SWAPO, etc. Gamsberg Macmillan, Namibia, tables, apps, 251pp, PB Pound10.95

*14857 Volkmann, Mary Jane. A MOMENT IN TIME: Glimpses of Namibian Life Captivating series of paintings depicting scenes from rural life in Namibia. Short texts explain the activities. Gamsberg Macmillan, 215 x 255mm, 66pp, HB Pound15.95

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