Africa Book Centre: New books on Africa, 01/98

Africa Book Centre: New books on Africa, 01/98

NEW BOOKS FROM THE AFRICA BOOK CENTRE -January 1998 38 KING ST, LONDON WC2E 8JT, FAX: +44 (0) 171 497 0309 E-MAIL:

10464 ERITREO-ETHIOPIAN STUDIES IN SOCIETY & HISTORY 1960-1995 by J.Abbink An extended supplement to the literature on Ethiopia and Eritrean studies in the fields of social science and history, including politics, agriculture, health, ethnography, art and literature. Sequel to Ethiopian and Society and History 1957-1990. Index, 203pp, NETHERLANDS African Studies Centre, Leiden, Germany 1996, 9054480327 PB

13470 FORGING AHEAD by G.R. Bozzoli. A study of South Africa's pioneering engineers and of their lives and achievements: harbours, roads, railways, not to mention their work on steel, telecommunications, power and aeronautics. B/w illustrated. Witwatersrand University Press, South Africa 1997, 1868143155 HB, 220x150, 268pp,

14145 ART CRITICISM AND AFRICA by Katy Deepwell Essays addressing the gulf between western ideas about Africa and the reality of contemporary art in Africa. What role does art criticism play in mediating this gulf and developing new audiences? Which histories (of art, of modernism/postmodernism, of nationhood, etc), and which languages (eg English, Yoruba, Shona) highlight the developing problems? Colour (17) and b/w illustrations. Saffron, UK 1997, 1872843131PB, 250 x 200mm, 125pp,

14139 NIGERIA: Foundations of Disintegration, by Aliyi Ekineh A historical view of Nigeria's conflict-ridden body politic, which lays the blame for current problems squarely on the decision by the British colonial power's decision to amalgamate hundreds of different ethnic communities in the early years of the century. The author is a retired barrister and journalist. New Millennium, UK 1997, 1858451752 PB, 315pp

13430 A COMMON HUNGER TO SING: A Tribute to South Africa's Black Women of Song, 1950 to 1990,by Z. B. Molefe & Mike Mzileni Profiles of artists surviving under apartheid, illustrated with full-page black-and-white portrait photos. Kwela, South Africa1997, 0795700644 PB, 275 x 215mm, 124pp

14140 PERCEPTIONS OF DEVELOPMENT IN KWAZULU-NATAL by Valerie Moller A study aimed at providing data about perceptions of local needs to aid government planning in a sensitive area of South Africa. Indicator Press, South Africa 1997, 1868402169 PB, 145pp

14060 POLITICAL ECONOMY AND IDENTITIES IN KWAZULU-NATAL edited by Robert Morrell Examines two hundred years of Zulu history, going beyond sterotype views of a violent, warlike people to discover the social, political and economic identity of the people. Indicator Press, South Africa 1996, 1868402312 PB, 200pp

13756 IS THIS REALLY WHAT WE FOUGHT FOR? White rule ends, black poverty goes, edited by Bob Myers Includes three pamphlets by revolutionary trade unionists, seeking to continue the mass struggle for socialism. Index Books, UK 1997, 1871518202 PB, 104pp,

13346 REVOLUTIONARY TIMES, REVOLUTIONARY LIVES: Personal Accounts of the Liberation Struggles, edited by Bob Myers Socialist perspectives on the power structures in the anti-apartheid movement, with first-hand accounts. Index Books, UK 1997, 1871518199 PB, 117pp

10524 BORN IN THE RSA by Barney Simon(Previously announced as SCORE ME THE AGES)
Four plays from one of South Africa's most innovative playwrights and directors, who died tragically in 1995. Witswatersrand University Press, South Africa 1997, 1868143007 PB,
14085 ZAMBIA'S ANCIENT ROCK ART: The Paintings of Kasama, by Benjamin Smith
Aims to heighten awareness of Zambian rock art, with an overview of where, what and how, and a colour-illustrated study of the paintings of Kasama. An attractively-produced pamphlet, A4 format, colour and b/w illus. National Heritage Conservation Commission of Zambia 1997, 998234000X PB, 64pp,

10513 GOVERNING AFRICA'S CITIES edited by Mark Swilling et al
Examines how the urban systems and the people within them are coping with the pressures of low economic growth and political flux. Five chapters cover nearly 20 African countries. Witswatersrand University Press, South Africa 1996, 1868143058 PB

Covers developments in Southern, East and West African fiction since 1980, including relative newcomers from Zanzibar, Sierra Leone and Mauritius, with the focus on the younger generation, including Ben Okri, Kojo Laing and Calixthe Beyala, the Zanzibari Abdulrazak Gurnah, and the Zimbabweans Tsitsi Dangarembga and Yvonne Vera. Bayreuth, Germany1997, 3927510386 PB, 266pp,
Africa section includes 12 countries: Mozambique, Angola, Burundi and Rwanda, Congo-Kinshasa, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan and Zambia. The failure of senior Inkatha and Nationalist Party figures to respond to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Committee is also considered, together with special issues concerning women and children, arms, prisons, drugs, refugees, academics, gays and lesbians, and the Internet. Human Rights Watch, USA, 1997, 1564321762 PB, 465pp


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