New Books from Africa, 12/97

New Books from Africa, 12/97


13970 TAKING THE AFRICAN WOMEN'S MOVEMENT INTO THE 21st CENTURY by Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi & Algresia Akwi-Ogojo.Report of the First African Women's Leadership Institute. Regional networking, information and training for African Women. Akina Mama wa Afrika,Uganda and UK, 1997, 199pp,PB

13151 MAANA-FAAY by Maxamed D. AfraxSomali-language novel depicting urban life in Somalia before the recent civil war. The book was serialised in the Mogadishu daily press, establishing its author as a leading writer in Somalia and a defender of women against harassment and exploitation. 'The first novel in the Somali language that is worth the name...shows craftsmanship, care and extraordinary intelligence...' Prof. B.W.Andrzejewski, London University. Learning By Design, UK,1997, 1873928521, 334pp, PB

12120 REAL PEOPLE POWER by Jurie Bester Readable guide to how a country's economy works, what its government can do, etc. small format paperback (175 x 110mm). Penguin, South Africa, 0140266550, 161pp, 1997 PB

12286 THE BOTTOM LINE - INDUSTRY AND ENVIRONMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA by L. Bethlehem Explores key issues facing industrial environmental management in South Africa. University of Cape Town Press, South Africa, 1997,0889368309, 225pp, PB

14032 MADAM AND EVE'S GREATEST HITS by S. Francis, H. Dugmore and Rico. Compilation of the popular South African political cartoon strip, based on the relationship between a white housewife and her black maid. Penguin,South Africa, 1997, 014027068X, 210 x 275mm, 240pp, 1997 PB

12136 PENGUIN BOOK OF CONTEMPORARY SOUTH AFRICAN SHORT STORIES by Stephen Gray, Stories from the best of the new generation of South African writers in English. Penguin, South Africa,1993, 0140237267, PB, 305pp

10208 SINKING: A Verse Novella, by Michael Cawood Green Poetic treatment of an incident in a South African mining village, when a house occupied by a family of five is dramatically swallowed up one night by a subsidence, with no survivors. Penguin, South Africa, 1997, 014058790X, PB, 164pp,PB

14024 EDUCATION AFTER APARTHEID Peter Kallaway et al A collection of papers on a key issue in the transformation of modern South Africa, and why it is difficult for the government to meet expectations. University of Capetown Press, South Africa, 1919713107, 1997, 206pp, PB

11443 MAHLANGENI: Stories of a Game Ranger's Family, by Kobie Krueger

Entertaining account of family life in an isolated outpost of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, where leopards, snakes, elephants and the like are the only neighbours. Illustrated with black-and-white drawings. Penguin, South Africa, 1994, 0140242937, PB, 248pp,

10293 ALL THINGS WILD AND WONDERFUL by Kobie Krueger A sequel to Mahlangeni, with more memories of the beautiful wilderness, including the raising of an abandoned lion cub. With a section of colour photographs. Penguin, South Africa, 1996,0140259295, PB, 27pp,

12128 FRAGMENTS OF A FORGOTTEN WAR: ANGOLA,by Judith Matloff Vivid chronicle of Angola's slide back into civil war following a brief interlude in 1992.'Judith Matloff has long been one of the most astute observers of Africa...this book takes her work into a powerful new dimension...should be read by anybody who cares about humanity'. Fergal Keane. Penguin, South Africa, 1997, 0140266194, PB, 318pp,

12133 IT TAKES TWO TO TOYI-TOYI by Gus Silber

Humorous look at the complexities of life in the new state, with b/w cartoons. Penguin, South Africa, 1992/6,0140169083, small format (195 x 130mm),PB, 152pp,

12131 CUTTING THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN by Raymond Suttner Documents the activities of South African Jews, who played a conspicuous role in the liberation struggle. A highly readable collection of interviews, illustrated with full-page black-and-white photos. Penguin, South Africa, 1997, 067087079X, HB, 636pp,

12132 THE LEAP YEAR byEtienne Van Heerden Family saga in the Eastern Cape by the author of Ancestral Voices and winner of the Hertzog Prize. Penguin, South Africa, 1997, 0140262164, PB, 369pp

14025 GEORGE M M PEMBA, Mayibuye Centre Retrospective exhibition of one of Southern Africa's foremost black artists illustrated with 34 colour and many black and white plates. Mayibuye Centre, South Africa, 1996 1874817146, 108pp, PB

10640 STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABILITY by IUCN - World Conservation Union A summary of multi-sectoral strategies for sustainability in particular regions, prepared with the aid of the World Bank, UNDP, UNSO, IIED and WRI. The volume on Africa has chapters on Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and a synthesis. Earthscan, UK, 1853832707, 188pp,


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