Black Book Reviews

Black Book Reviews

United Brothers & United Sisters Communications Systems Inc. are pleased to announce our on-line Book Review service via the MelaNet Information and Communications Network. The books reviewed are those received as part of our Trial Distribution Program (see description below). A new review will be released 9 a.m. EST every Monday. The next review will be 10/17.

This week's book is PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER by Terrance Jackson. To receive the weekly reviews, send mail to with "review" as the subject. Here's an excerpt from the review:

"Not only does "Putting It All Together" tell about the Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, CIA, FEMA, COINTELPRO, etc., it tells about their founders and particular instances of pain and suffering that have been caused by them. And in the case of the first two, he gives a roster of names of certain individuals who are members. And though few will be surprised about the so-called "Black leaders" who are in league with some of the most notorious preservers of "white supremacy," it is gratifying to know that their names are there for the many who may still think there is anything of value, or use to help achieve the ultimate objective of African people."


Our Trial Distribution Program is designed to showcase newly published books in the marketplace. It begins after the writer receives and accepts the terms in our "Trial Distribution Letter". The Trial Distribution Letter is sent to those whose books have been selected from the review copies of books that we receive for Your Black Books Guide. Upon receipt of a review copy, if received by the 15th of the month, it will be listed as a New Book Received Since Our Previous Edition. The listing is by book title, author's name and the address in the book. We do not offer "Trial Distribution" to everyone who sends a review copy to us, but we have not received any review book, to date, that we refused to give a free listing.

After the trial period, there is no obligation to accept a full distribution, and publishing contract from us, or to send us more books under the agreement terms.

So for those who are interested in our Distribution/Printing services, if you have a book already in print, please send us a review copy.

United Brothers & United Sisters Communications Systems Inc. 912 West Pembroke Ave. Hampton, VA 23669 (804) 723 - 2696 email: WWW:

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