Some Recent Sudanese Books

Some Recent Sudanese Books


On a recent visit to Cairo I was able to purchase some of the publications of the Centre of Sudanese Studies (Markaz al-dirasat al-Sudani). Those wishing to obtain these books (and others published by the Centre) should write to the Director, Dr. Hayder Ibrahim Ali, Flat 12, 35 Champollion St., Cairo, Egypt (Fax 769878). The following list in not complete. Other works published by the Centre include books for children, poetry and fiction.

1. Kitabat Sudaniyya - 5 vols., 1991-95. Essays on all aspects of the Sudan's history and culture.

2. Haydar Ibrahim 'Ali, Uzmat al-Islam al-siyasi. Al-Jabha al-islamiyya al-qawmiyya fi'l-Sudan numudhajan ("The crisis of political Islam: the example of the National Islamic Front in the Sudan"), 225 pp., 1991. 3. Al-Ustadh Mahmud Muhammad Taha. Ra'id al-tajdid al-dini fi 'l-Sudan ("The teacher Mahmud Muhammad Taha. The pioneer of religious renewal in the Sudan"), 141 pp., 1992. A volume of essays by Haydar Ibrahim Ali, Abd Allah al-Na'im, Alam al-Din 'Umar, Muhammad Ahmad Mahmud, Taha Ibrahim & Joergen Rogalski.

4. 'Abd al-Ghaffar Muhammad Ahmad & Samiyya al-Hadi al-Naqar, al-Sudan. Mustaqbal al-tanmiya wa'l-salam ("The Sudan. The future of development and peace"), 117 pp., 1995. A volume of essays on such issues as ecology, women, children, war, etc., by Professor Abdel Ghafar Muhammad Ahmed and Dr. Samia al-Naqar.

5. Muhammad Ibrahim Nuqud, 'Alaqat al-riqq fi 'l-mujtama' al-Sudani ("The issue of slavery in Sudanese society"), 444 pp., 1995 [published by Dar al-thaqafa al-jadidida: distributed by the Centre]. A study by the secretary-general of the Sudanese Communist Party of slavery, in a kind of "mentalite" style, in northern Sudanese society. This is an original and important study enriched by numerous facsimiles of documents concerning slavery, especially from the Mahdist period. There must few documents in the National Records Office from the Mahdist period concerning slavery that sayyid Nuqud has not reproduced.

6. Murtada Ahmad Ibrahim, al-Wazir al-mutamarrid. Mudhakkirat al-muhandis Murtada Ahmad Ibrahim ("The rebellious minister. The memoirs of the engineer, Murtada Ahmad Ibrahim"), 280 pp., 1993. Lively memoirs by a onetime minister under Numayri, including numerous documents.

7. 'Abdullahi 'Ali Ibrahim, al-Sira' bayna 'l-Mahdi wa'l-'ulama' ("The conflict between the Mahdi and the 'ulama'), 100 pp., n.d. A second printing of Dr. Ibrahim's important study.

8. Khalifa 'Abbas al-'Ubayyid, al-Zubayr Basha, 120 pp., 1995. A translation of Flora Shaw's interviews with al-Zubayr Pasha in Gibraltar published originally in "The Contemporary Review", plus other original sources, including al-Zubayr's al-Ajwiba al-sadida, reproduced from the only known extant copy in the Egyptian national archives.

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