Nonviolent Sanctions Newsletter

Nonviolent Sanctions Newsletter

ALBERT EINSTEIN INSTITUTION ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

The Albert Einstein Institution is engaged in research, policy studies, education and consulting on the nature and potential of nonviolent forms of struggle. The Einstein Institution advances the study of nonviolent action as a global alternative to violent conflict.

The Institution has a South Africa Program, directed by Barbara Harmel, which uses research and public education to advance knowledge about the strategic uses of nonviolent direct action in South Africa. Projects include an oral history of the 40-year struggle against apartheid and case studies of the black trade union movement and the civic organizations.

The Einstein Institution Fellows Program supports individual researchers studying the history, characteristics, and potential applications of nonviolent action. The Institution has several publications, including a quarterly newsletter, "Nonviolent Sanctions." For more information, contact below.

Contact: Roger S. Powers Publications & Special Projects The Albert Einstein Institution 1430 Massachusettes Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 Phone: (617) 876-0311 Fax: (617) 876-0837.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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