News Index on Africa (BNIA)

News Index on Africa (BNIA)

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This is to inform you of the existence of a News Index on Africa, published by Blackstar Communications Ltd; address:

Blackstar Communications Ltd Wickham House 10 Cleveland Way London E1 4TR Fax: +44 (0)71 935 6198.

On the Publication:

++++++++++++++++++++ The publication, called The Blackstar News Index on Africa (BNIA) comes out every fortnight. We rely on: wire services and independent correspondent to bring our clients information about Africa. Almost every African country has a story in each issue. News covered includes economic affairs, politics, human rights, culture, sports etc. Each issue contains a comprehensive table of contents and a detailed index highlighting the principal characters and players shaping the political economic and social events in Africa.

A flavour of BNIA

+++++++++++++++++++ To give u a flavour of the publication, below is a copy of the first editorial and table of contents.

Pulling The Veil Off the "Dark Continent"


Thirty years after the wave of independence which swept through modern Africa in the 1960s, the African continent is again under the grip of an even more powerful wave of political change. Whereas the independence wave of the 1960s was concerned with redefining the relationship between colonies and metropolitan countries, the current wave is about negotiating a new social contract between the African peoples and their governments. At issue is what shall be the role of the people in deciding who governs them and how do countries which have generally been governed by dictatorial and totalitarian regimes or which have lived under various other forms of oneman rule, operate the transition to a pluralistic form of government where the people have a greater say. This in a nutshell is the nature of the second wave currently sweeping through the African continent.

This change movement is coming at a time when Africa is not on anybody's priority agenda. The world is more attentive to events taking place in other parts of the world which are more likely to shape the global agenda of survival for mankind. Political change in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the war in Bosnia, the North American Free Trade Agreement, GATT and European Economic and Monetary Union; these are the issues which will shape the future of mankind in the 21st century. Their global implications and their effect on the domestic agenda of each country are the subject of the headlines in the news media of the developed countries.

So where does Africa fit into all of this? Somewhere on the inside pages and more likely as a footnote. The recent coup d'etat in Burundi which resulted in the death of President Melchior Ndadaye, the first Hutu ever to be Head of State of this country which has been repeatedly torn by ethnic strife was barely mentioned in most newspapers in the developed countries. The Angolan civil war, which is now generally recognised as the bloodiest war in the world at the moment hardly interests the international news media.

Unfortunately the short blurts of crisis coverage which is given to Africa in the international news media is not of a nature to provide reliable and balanced information to those who need to have more and better information about Africa in order to make informed decisions about this crisis ridden continent. Political and economic adjustment measures are creating business opportunities as ever before. Businessmen around the world are responding to trade liberalisation and privatisation programmes throughout Africa. Africa is currently establishing the base for a stronger continent in the 21st century and the exciting story of this great transition must not only be told to those who need to know about it in the world today but, more importantly, it must be recorded and preserved in a proper and accessible form for future generations.

There is an African proverb that if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to witness it, then the event did not take place. But at the same time if the falling of the tree is indeed witnessed by a passing hunter then the knowledge possessed by this hunter is of precious importance to all those for whom the falling of the tree is an important event. Great changes are taking place in Africa today in the face of the increasing parochialisation of news coverage in those countries on which Africa will continue to rely for assistance during this great transition. This situation requires that a new communication instrument be invented for delivering the story of the proverbial African hunter who witnessed the falling of the tree in the forest.

The Blackstar News Index On Africa is a publication which has arrived at the right time. Our editorial philosophy shall be to draw on a combination of various wire services and independent correspondents who witnessed the events to reproduce their news accounts of these events on a purely factual basis without comment or analysis. This editorial policy is based on the conviction that the readers of the Blackstar News Index On Africa, who will include bankers, corporate leaders, diplomats, Ministers, Heads of State, and many more people around the world need more facts and less analysis of what is going on in Africa today. When these leaders are adequately armed with accurate information about what is going on from the Cape to Cairo and from Dakar to Mogadishu, they will engage in their own analysis and this will ultimately lead to better decision-making on matters concerning Africa.

In order to facilitate the analysis which each reader will have to make for themselves, the Blackstar News Index on Africa shall also include an index in each issue which highlights the principal characters who by their acts, words, deeds and gestures are the driving force behind the events taking place in Africa today. The democracy movement in Africa has led to emergence of some hitherto unknown figures who have risen from obscurity to positions of international prominence and who in many cases hold the key to the future of their various countries. De Klerk, Mandela, Buthelezi, Dlakhama, Savimbi, Aideed, Chiluba, Ndadaye, Abacha, Zenawi, Aferworki, Fru Ndi, Gbagbo, Abassi Madani, Garang, Lisouba, Tshisekedi, Abessole, etc; such is the cacophony of names which have become household words in their various countries because of their stubborn determination to stand up for something which they strongly believe in. The index of this publication shall aim at highlighting the role that is being played by these men in the shaping of the state of contemporary Africa.

In signing off this pilot issue of the Blackstar News Index On Africa, I am convinced that we are launching a unique publication which, as time goes by, will help to reshape perceptions of Africa throughout the world, particularly amongst those in America, Europe, the former Eastern Block and the Far East who have felt a need to know more about this continent but could not because the world news media is increasingly focusing on the domestic agenda of the various countries. To those readers we welcome them into the pages of the Blackstar News Index On Africa where they will discover that there is more to Africa than famine and civil wars.

By N.N Susungi, Founder of Blackstar News Index

Table of Contents


ALGERIA 7 French Police Accused of Frame-up 7 Court Orders Probe into Frameup Charges 7 France Denies Frameup Accusation 7 Government to Free Desert Camp Detainees 7 Militants Kill Provincial Governor 8 Balladur warns Police Over Algerian Case 8 Algerian Government lifts Import Ban 8 Algeria Heading for Agreement with IMF 9 Gunmen kill French woman in Algeria 9

ANGOLA 9 Peace Talks Open in Sao Tome 9 Fighting is said to be raging on in the War 10 Government and UNITA Haggle over Role of the Police 10 Peace Talks Make Progress on Police Issue 11 Negotiators Agree on the Police Issue 11 Cuba's Foreign Minister on an official visit to Angola 11

BENIN 12 Can Yves-Roland Billecart rescue Air Afrique.. Again 12

BURUNDI 12 Political Parties Call for Truce in killing 12 Burundi's parliament chooses a new President 13

CAMEROON 13 Police and students clash over fatal bus accident 13 Andrew Azong-Wara is named Cameroon's Man of the Year 13 Government restores price controls 15

FCFA DEVALUATION 15 Is the long awaited devaluation finally here? 15 Leaders are under Pressure to Devalue 16 Devaluation Talks Continue for Second Straight Day 17 African Leaders Decide to Devalue FCFA 17 Editorial on the FCFA devaluation in Le Monde: The Last Chance 18 Joint Declaration of the French Ministers of Finance and Cooperation, on the FCFA Devaluation. 18 Joint Communique issued by the Presidency of France and the Office of the French Prime Minister. 19 Origins of the Franc Zone 19 The Present Legal Framework of the Franc Zone 19 The Risk of Labour Unrest after Devaluation 20 Devaluation Seen Helping Nigeria 21 Devaluation Presses Down Cocoa Prices 21 Anger and Dispair Deeply felt over Devaluation 22 Governments act to curb price increases 22 Will Devaluation Boost chances of regional integration -ECOWAS 23

CONGO 23 Congolese Official Says Devaluation will be Painful 23

COTE D'IVOIRE 23 Funeral Ceremonies Commence for President Houphouet-Boigny 23

EGYPT 24 Can Small Egyptian Firms find Oil Where Aramco has failed 24 Egyptian Inflation is at 11.1% per year 24 Egypt Seeking Partners for a Hydrocracker Plant 24 Gunmen Shoot two policemen in Southern Egyptian City 25 Hyundai Will Start Car Production in Egypt 25

GABON 25 Gabonese Ambassador to Argentina is shot by robbers 25

GHANA 25 Ghana accuses Togolese troops of shelling border town of Aflao 25

KENYA 26 Richard Leakey is under investigation 26 Kenyan President on State Visit to Israel 26 Richard Leakey Rejects Accusations 26

LIBERIA 27 Fighting Spills over into Guinea 27

MALAWI 27 Malawi Wants Mozambique to Send Back Young Pioneers 27

MALI 27 Malian President Says Devaluation a Failure 27

MOROCCO 27 Kuwait to Fund Irrigation Project 27

MOZAMBIQUE 28 Are Foreign Relief Agencies favouring the Rebels? 28 Renamo may seek State Justice For one of its members 28

NIGER 28 Niamey University closed after clashes with students 28

NIGERIA 28 Nigeria Abandons Economic Reforms 28 Nigeria Returns to Old Style Economic Controls 29 New Forex Regime is Hurting the Cocoa Industry 29 Nigeria unable to meet Debt Service on Foreign Debt in 1994 30

SAO TOME & PRINCIPE 30 Sao Tome gets new digital telephone system 30 Sao Tome Says Devaluation is a good thing 30

SENEGAL 30 Leaders Gather to Discuss Devaluation and Air Afrique 30 Fatal Road Accident Near Dakar 31 African Leaders Approve Rescue Plan for Air Afrique 31

SIERRA LEONE 31 Government Troops resume war against Rebels 31

SOMALIA 32 Germany to start withdrawing its troops in January 32 Somali Gunmen kidnap British Aid Worker 32 US Military to Probe the Death of Pregnant Somali Woman 32 Somali Elders Negotiate for Kidnapped Briton 33 Turkish Peacekeeping Troops to Pull out in February 33 British Aid Worker Freed 33

SOUTH AFRICA 34 Pretoria Wants Township Defense units disbanded 34 The French Foreign Minister to Visit South Africa 34 Inkatha repeats its pledge not to participate in elections 35 Mandela Stands firm on April 27 as polling date 35 Mandela Accepts De Klerks Challenge to TV Debate 35 Journalist Killed in Attack on ANC Party; Ramaphosa and Slovo unhurt 36 Township Dwellers Want Peacekeeping Force 36 Ramaphosa Says TEC will Discuss Township Violence 37 South Africa May Rejoin WHO 37 Violence is seen to increase in the runnup to the Elections 37 Ciskei to Join TEC 38 South African Government Turns off Right Wing Radio 38 De Klerk and Mandela to Meet of Katlehong Shooting 39 PAC Surprised by the Tanzania Ban 39 TEC Seeks Plan for Township Peace 40 U.S. investment mission to visit South Africa next month 40 1993 Death Toll in SA Violence 40 Buthelezi Sees No future in SA Talks 41

SUDAN 41 No End in Sight for Sudans Civil War 41 Sudans rebels agree to a cease fire 41 Expelled British Ambassedor Leaves Sudan 42 Refugees Flee into Uganda 42 Christian Official defects from Islamic Government 42

TANZANIA 43 Can Tazara survive peace in Southern Africa 43 The Cotton Marketing Board to be Overhauled 43 Tanzania Bans the PAC 43 Zanzibar Celebrates End of Arab Rule 44 Tanzania Says PAC Ban will Help Democracy in SA 44 Port Charges Slashed to fight SA Competition 45

TOGO 45 France Condemns Violence in Togo 45 Togo Blames Ghana for boarder shooting 45 Uneasy calm returns to Lome 46 Ghanaian and Togolese Officials Hold Talks on Violence 46

TUNISIA 46 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections set for March 20 46 Amnesty International Accuses Tunisia of Rights Violations 46 Tunisia Rejects Amnesty Report 47

UGANDA 47 Court is asked to Rule in Kingship Row 47 Ugandan Politician Murdered 47 Government Opens Peace talks with Rebels 47 Rebels Considering Surrender Terms 48 4.3 million Voters Registered to Vote 48

ZAIRE 48 Mobutu Sacks Minister for Corruption 48

ZAMBIA 48 Another Minister Resigns amid charges of Drug Dealing 48 President Chiluba makes Cabinet Shakeup 48

ZIMBABWE 49 Why is the Harare Stock Exchange Bubbling? 49 President and Cabinet Ministers get Huge Pay Raises 49 US Legislator proposes arbitration to settle land disputes 49 Zimbabwe oil train set ablaze after collision 50 Rail Link between Zimbabwe and South Africa Reopened 50

UNITED NATIONS 50 Boutros Ghali proposes changes in UN commitments to Somalia 50 UN Observers Proposed for SA Elections 51

BANKING 51 Arab Funds Cutting Aid to Africa 51

SPORTS 52 The Arsenal Football Club of Maseru 52 Abedi Pele Named for the third time as African Footballer of the Year 52 Kenya Ready to Host 1996 Africa Cup of Nations 53 South African National Coach Resigns 53 Somalias Struggle to Revive Soccer After the War 53

CULTURE 54 Egyptian Culture on Display in New York Museum 54

Index 55

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J. Ngu Editor BNIA

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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