NEWSLETTER- International Communication Project

NEWSLETTER- International Communication Project

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NEWSLETTER - The International Communication Project -

NEWSLETTER is an international publication reaching people in 117 countries worldwide. Its readers vary from individual active students to active groups in various fields of interest to governmental and UN officials.

Its articles are a collection of thoughts and reports contributed from people all over the globe. The articles appear uncensored and all authors can be contacted via the editorial office in Hannover, Germany. In the printed version most addresses of authors or contributors of articles appear in the text. For technical reasons this is not the case in the e-mail version.

Please feel free to reprint any of the articles listed below. Still, we would highly appreciate it if you would mention their origin.

NEWSLETTER is a non-profit publication. Its production has so far been sponsored by the student union of the University of Hannover. Still, its ongoing success involves an increase in costs. Therefore, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE IT REGULARLY AT HOME OR IN YOUR ORGANISATION.

Subscription rates are 40 DM (30$US) for one year. As we distribute NEWSLETTER for free in Eastern European and Third World countries, you also have the option to support this by ordering a solidarity subscription for 75 DM (50$US).

Please recommend us to your friends if you would like this project to continue.

We will also be very glad to receive comments on the articles, which will then be forwarded to the author.

Finally we would like to encourage you to contribute articles on your issues yourself. Deadline for the 15th edition is June 26th.

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Sample Contents:

NL15 EDITORIAL = Editorial of the 15th edition by Ute Kerger, Germany

NL15 Women's Human Rights = How it was done: The Movement that put Women's Human Rights on the Global Agenda by Charlotte Bunch, Centre for Women's Global Leadership USA

NL15 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly = A report from the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights by Bernd Schneider, NEWSLETTER Germany

NL15 The Situation of the Untouchables = A speech about the situation Dalits in South Asia by Henry Thiagaraj India

NL15 EMIROAF = Ethnic Minority Rights Organisations of Africa by EMIROAF Nigeria

NL15 Restructuring the UN = How Boutros-Ghali intends to change the UN by Ann Doherty, A SEED USA

NL15 Security Council to be restructured = Many members of the UN General Assembly are calling for a change by Jan Loenn, ISMUN Sweden

NL15 Asian Youth Statement = The statement of the Asian youth and student organisations to the UN Human Rights Conf. by Asian Student Association Hong Kong

NL15 Invitation to Co-operation = The Asian Student Association is seeking partners for co-operation by Lina Cabaero Philippines

NL15 Calendar of Events = International events 1993

NL15 Students' Education Summit = German students draft their idea on future education policy by Harald Strating, AStA Hannover Germany

NL15 A SEED Meeting at the EC Summit = Report on a meeting of A SEED and on TOES in Copenhagen, June 93 by Florian Schoene Germany

NL15 Climate Action in 51 countries = A report on the events on last Climate Alliance Actions Day from Climate Alliance Action News Scandinavia

NL15 Why Climate Action on UN HR-Day = Reasons for environmentalists to do actions on the UN Human Rights Day December 10 by Tord Bjoerk, Miljoefoerbundet Sweden

NL15 Appeal from Azerbaijan = Azerbaijan Greens appeal for help to save the Caspian Sea by Nigar Huseyn Azerbaijan

NL15 Staying Afloat in the Filth = Concerning environmental protection Israel is a retarded country by D'vora Ben Shaul, EcoNews Israel

NL15 Poems from Black Australia = Two examples for the art of Black Australian poetry by Lionel Fogarty, Queensland Australia

NL15 Hawaiian Sovereignty Tribunal = Hawaiian indigenous demand justice by Mike Feinstein USA and Linda Martin Hawai'i

NL15 The New World Order and Asylum = How the New World Order and Mass Migration affect Asylum by Iman Donna Achara, Buckingham Univ. Nigeria

NL15 The Violence of Development = A feature on the violent impacts of technological development by Claude Alvares, Third World Network India

NL15 Collaboration and Development Aid = A contribution to this years Chiasmus student conference in September in Aarhus, Denmark by Thorben Albrecht Germany

NL15 The New Information Order = How mass media determine and manipulate world politics and culture by Jean-Marie Chauvier, International Organisation of Journalists Belgium

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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