Maghreb Report

Maghreb Report

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 10:56:21 EST From: Susan Rivers I publish a bi-monthly newsletter called Maghreb Report, which covers the economics and politics of North Africa: Mauritania, Morocco (and Western Sahara) Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The newsletter is a combination of news briefs from American, European and Maghreb news sources and analyses of socio-political developments in the region (such as Islamism in Algeria). while the publication is pretty straightforward and "maintstream" it distinguishes itself by avoiding the pat, simplistic approach so common to media coverage of Islam and the Arab World.

The only agenda I have in doing this is to offer accurate and unbiased news about the region. No other publication about North Africa in English exists. Subscription rates: $39 annual individual, $89 for businesses/institutions. So far I have avoided selling advertising to maintain the strictest impartiality in covering the region. But I may begin taking some advertising later, so long as editorial integrity is not imperiled. Feel free to email for more info, or write:

Susan T. River, Publisher Maghreb Report PO Box 1593 Princeton, NJ 08542 or call: 609-924-0182 or FAX: 609-924-8185.

P.S.: My funding comes from me and subscriptions; no gov't or think tank is behind Maghreb Report.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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