Library Enhancement in Devel. Countries

Library Enhancement in Devel. Countries

From: (Rafe Ronkin) Subject: Library enhancement Date: 28 Aug 93 20:54:00 GMT

Friends, For your interest and information, Vol. 43, No. 8 (September 1993) of BioScience contains the following article:

Mercedes S. Foster, Marion A. Jenkinson, and Arly Allen, "The tools of the trade -- library enhancement in developing countries," p. 556-563.

Foster (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. National Museum of Natural History, Washington) describes the Latin American Library Enhancement Project, which has mobilized 29 scientific organizations to donate their serial and other publications to a number of Latin American research institutions. Some organizations donated 5-year subscriptions to their journals. Foster describes the mechanics of support recruitment and publications delivery.

Foster notes that "the sciences are among the fastest-changing disciplines in the intellectual world, and to be aware of current developments, one must have steady access to the professional journals and technical publications in which most information is published. Scientists in developing countries are particularly cognizant of this need and frustrated by their lack of access to such materials. The absence of scientific literature contributes to the emigration of educated persons in research, just as does a lack of jabs and economic support."

The article includes several boxed descriptions of related efforts:

Lisbeth Levey, "Project for African research libraries: AAAS Sub-Saharan Africa Program." The project includes journal distribution, seminars and workshops, CD-ROM initiatives, and studies of the capacities of African research libraries. Info: .

Mercedes S. Foster, "Enhancing library holdings in specific disciplines." A model project of the American Ornithologists' Union works with 12 Latin American institutions with active programs in ornithology. Info: .

Beth Boswell, "Project to distribute scientific journals to the former Soviet Union." Project coordinated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, involving 14 U.S. scientific societies. Over 2 yr., the project will distribute 17,000 journal copies per year (135 titles) to major medical and science and technology libraries in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Info: .

Carol Priestley, "International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications." This organization grew from a 1988 workshop cosponsored by the International Council of Scientific Unions and is based in London. It supports the development of mechanisms for publication and distribution of technical literature, encourages initiatives, and identifies methods for supporting ongoing and sustainable publication. It offers a clearinghouse (matching donors to recipients in developing countries) and advisory service. Info: .


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