Journals on Africa

Journals on Africa

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- BRITISH BROADCASTING SERVICE (BBC). The BBC's World Service offers African news via shortwave radio or by subscribing to the magazine "Focus on Africa" (subscriptions $15 or L 10). Radio broadcasts are offered in Arabic, French, English, Hausa, Portuguese, Somali and Swahili. For a schedule of shortwave broadcasts of the African news, the Arts and Africa, and Focus on Africa, Contact: London Calling P.O. Box 76 Bush House, Strand London, England WC2B 4PH.


1) Africa Insight 2) A.I. Bulletin (Pretoria) 3) Africa Quarterly (New Delhi) 4) Africa Report: 833 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017 5) Africa Today (Denver) 6) Africa: Journal of International African Institute (London) 7) Africa (Milano) 8) Africa: dell'Istituto-Africano (Roma) 9) African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society, Oxford University Press 10) African Arts: James S. Coleman African Studies Center, University of California-Los Angeles 11) The African Book Publishing Record: Hans Zell Publishers, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 8PH, England 12) The African Communist: Published by South African Communist Party 13) African Interpreter: Journal of African and Arab Affairs (Koln) 14) African Research and Documentation (Birmingham) 15) African Studies (Johannesburg) 16) African Studies Review (Cairo) 17) Africana Marburgensia (Marburg) 18) African Notes and News (Johannesburg) 19) Africanus: UNISA Journal for Development Administration (Pretoria) 20) Afrika (Engl. Ed.) (Pfaffenhofen) 21) Afrika Spectrum: Institut fur Afrika-Kunde, Hamburg 22) Afrika und Ubersee (Hamburg) 23) AAP 24) Afrique Contemporaine (Paris) 25) Afrique Defense (Paris) 26) Afryka Azja Ameryka Lacinska (Warsaw) 27) Anthropologie: International Journal of the Science of Man (Brno) 28) Anthropos (Fribourg) 29) Arts D'Afrique Noire, arts premiers: B.P. 24, 95400 Arnouville, France/ 880 Fifth Ave., 19E, New York, NY 10021 30) ASA News: Newsletter for African Studies Association (Atlanta) 31) Asian and African Studies: Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 32) Asien, Afrika, Lateinamerika (Berlin) 33) Azija Afrika Segodnja (Moscow) 34) Baessler-Archiv (Berlin) 35) Beto (Dusseldorf) 36) Bingo (Paris) 37) Black Perspective in Music (New York) 38) Black Scholar (Oakland) 39) Blatter des IZ3W (Freiburg) 40) Bulletin de l'Afrique Noir: 10 rue Vineuse, 75116 Paris, France 41) Bulletin de Liaison du CEDETIM (Paris) 42) Bulletin des Etudes Africaines 43) Bulletin des Seances (Brussel) 44) Bulletin of the Aberdeen University African Studies Group (Aberdeen) 45) Bulletin of the International Committee on Urgent Anthropological and Ethnological Studies (Wien) 46) Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 47) Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines (Paris) 48) Cahiers d'Outre-Mer (Bordeaux) 49) Cahiers du CEDAF (Bruxelles) 50) Cahiers Zairois de Rechere en Science Humaines (Kinshasa) 51) Calloloo (Baltimore) 52) Canadian Journal of African Studies (Montreal) 53) Cart Actual (Budapest) 54) Catena (Cremlingen) 55) Civilisations (Bruxelles) 56) Community Development Journal (Oxford) 57) Courier (Brussels) 58) CRNLE Reviews Journal (South Australia) 59) Current Bibliography on African Affairs (Farmingdale) 60) Current Writing (Durban) 61) Dialectical Anthropology (Amsterdam) 62) Ebony (Chicago) 63) English in Africa (Grahamstown) 64) Erde (Berlin) 65) Erdkunde (Bonn) 66) Ethnographisch-Archalogische Zeitschrift-EAZ (Berlin) 67) Ethnology (Pittsburgh) 68) Ethnomusicology (Middletown) 69) Etudes Germano-Africaines (Dakar) 70) Frankfurter Afrikanistische Blatter (Frankfurt) 71) Frontline (Braamfontein) 72) Geneve-Afrique (Geneva) 73) GEO (Hamburg) 74) Geoforum (Oxford) 75) Geographical Journal (Cambridge) 76) Geographische Rundschau (Braunschweig) 77) Geographische Zeitschrift (Wiesbaden) 78) Geography (Sheffield/London) 79) Geography Review (Oxford) 80) Geojournal (Wiesbaden) 81) History in Africa (Waltham, Mass.) 82) IKA-Zeitschrift fur Kulturaustausch und Kulturkalander "Dritte Welt" (Wiesbaden) 83) Informationsdienst Sudliches Afrika (Bonn) 84) International Journal of African Historical Studies (New York) 85) International Journal of Climatology (Chichester) 86) Internationales Afrikaforum (Munich) 87) Issue: A Journal of Opinion (Waltham, Mass.) 88) Itineraires et Contacts de Cultures (Paris) 89) JAAS - Journal of Asian and African Studies (Leiden) 90) JACL - Journal of African Children's Literature (Benin City) 91) Jeune Afrique (Paris) 92) Journal of African Earth Sciences (Cambridge) 93) Journal of African History (London) 94) Journal of African Languages and Lingusitics (London) 95) Journal of African Law (London) 96) Journal of Anthropological Research (Albuquerque) 97) Journal of Black Studies (Beverly Hills) 98) Journal of Commonwealth Literature (London) 99) Journal of Development in Africa 100) Journal of Mauritian Studies (Moka) 101) Journal of Modern African Studies (London) 102) Journal of Religion in Africa (Leiden) 103) Journal of Social Development in Africa (Harare) 104) Journal of Social Science (Zomba, Malawi) 105) Journal of Southern African Studies (London) 106) Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria (Ibadan) 107) Kontinente (Frankfurt) 108) Kunapipi (Aarhus) 109) L'Afrique et L'Asie Moderne (Paris) 110) Liberian Studies Journal (Sewanee) 111) Linguistics et Sciences Humaines (Kinshasa) 112) Literaturnachrichten (Frankfurt) 113) Lusorama (Frankfurt) 114) Maghreb Machrek (Paris) 115) Maghreb Review (London) 116) Man (London) 117) Mandenkan (Paris) 118) Mitunda-Revue des Cultures Africaines (Lubumbashi) 119) Mondes et Cultures (Paris) 120) Narodni Azii i Afriki (Moscow) 121) Neue Zeitschrift fur Missionswissenschaft (Immensee) 122) New African (London) 123) Nigerian Field (Ibadan) 124) Nigrizia (Verona) 125) Notre Librairie (Paris) 126) Nouvelles Africaines de Securite Sociale (Lome) 127) Nsukka Journal of History (Nsukka) 128) Nyame Akuma (Calgary) 129) Objets et Mondes (Paris) 130) ODU- A Journal of West African Studies (Ile-Ife) 131) Orita (Ibadan) 132) Oye - Ogun Journasl of Arts (Ago-Iwoye) 133) Pedagogue (Dakar) 134) Penant (Le Vesinet) 135) Peripherie (Berlin) 136) Pertermanns Geographische Mitteilungen (Gotha) 137) Peuples mediterraneens (Paris) 138) Peuples Noirs - Peuples Africaines (Rouen) 139) Plume - Revue Litteraire (Benin) 140) Pogrom (Hamburg) 141) Politikon - The South African Journal of Political Science (Pretoria) 142) Politique Africaine (Paris) 143) Presence africaine (Paris) 144) Quest - Philosophical Discussions (Lusaka) 145) Race and Class (London) 146) Race Relations Survey (Johannesburg) 147) Radical History Review (New York) 148) Research in African Literatures (Columbus) 149) Review of African Political Economy (London) 150) Review of Black Political Economy (New York) 151) Revista Internacional de Estudos Africanos (Lisboa) 152) Revue d'Histoire Maghrebine (Tunis) 153) Revue de Geomorphologie Dynamique (Paris) 154) Revue de Literature Comparee 155) Revue de Literature et d' Estetique Negro-Africaines (Abidjan) 156) Revue Juridique et Politique (Paris) 157) SA Journal of Linguistics (Bloemfontein) 158) Sahara (Milano) 159) Saharien (Paris) 160) Saison des Pluies (Brazzaville) 161) SAMUS- South African Journal of Musicology (Pretoria) 162) Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (Singapore) 163) South African Archaeological Bulletin (Clarmonte) 164) South African Geographical Journal (Johannesburg) 165) South African Journal of African Languages (Pretoria) 166) South African Journal of Ethnology (Johannesburg) 167) South African Journal of Linguistics (Bloemfontein) 168) South African Journal of Journal of Sociology (Pretoria) 169) Southern African Review of Books (London) 170) Staffrider (Braamfontein) 171) Studia (Lisboa) 172) Studies in African Linguistics (Los Angeles) 173) SUGIA - Sprche und Gestichte in Afrika (Hamburg) 174) Theoria (Pietermaritzburg) 175) Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (Utrecht) 176) Transafrican Journal of History (Nairobi) 177) Ubersee-Rundschau (Hamburg) 178) Uburezi Ubuhanga N'Umco Education, Science et Culture (Kigali) 179) UFAHAMU (Los Angeles) 180) Upstream (Cape Town) 181) Urban Studies (Harlow) 182) Wasafiri (Hampshire) 183) West Africa (London) 184) West African Journal of Archaeology (Ibadan) 185) WLWE - World Literature Written in English (Arlington) 186) ZAST - Zeitschrift fur den Erdkundeunterricht (Wien) 187) Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie (Braunschweig) 188) Zietschrift fur Geomorphologie (Stuttgart)

(9 April 1992).

- THE KALAHARI REVIEW. A journal of Southern African writing that features fiction and non- fiction written by authors from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Works can be submitted in English or local languages. The Kalahari Review is published by a non-profit organization. To submit work or to subscribe, Contact: Kalahari Press, 4000 Cathedral Ave., NW #138B Washington, D.C. 20016.

- NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LESOTHO (NUL) JOURNAL OF RESEARCH. Interdisciplinary journal of research relevant to Lesotho. Contact: The Editor, NUL Journal of Research National University of Lesotho PO Roma 180, Lesotho.

- THE SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORICAL JOURNAL. Official journal of the South African Historical Society. Annual subscription: R50.00 ($20.00) for 1992. Contact: The Business Manager, K.L. Harris History Department, UNISA P.O. Box 392 Pretoria, 0001, South Africa.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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