International Quarterly- Issue on North Africa

International Quarterly- Issue on North Africa

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 1994 01:20:36 -0500 Reply-To: AFRICA-N Africa News & Information Service Subject: International Quarterly >From: "Van K. Brock"

======================================================================== INTERNATIONAL QUARTERLY, vol. I/3, will focus on the Middle East and the Africas. Aside from essays, stories, poetry, and art in full color from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central (East and West) Africa, there will be poetry from Serbia and from Malaysia and elsewhere that connects with some of the themes of the issue. There is an excellent essay for example on the International Theatre Festival in Cairo and another on Tangier as an international zone, as well as an insightful essay on the misunderstanding in the West of the spiritual basis of Islam, a better understanding of which might have saved the world and the Middle East much grief, but we have sought work by Africans in Africa whenever possible and by Middle Easterners in the Middle East.

Vol. I/4 on The Faces of the Americas, featuring as much of the ethnic complexity as we can from throughout North and South America and the Caribbean, etc., will also have work of interest to Africa-N-Africa networkers, and we are interested in news, original writings in or translations into English in all genres and art in all genres from any part of the world in any issue. We accept e-mail at Vol. 2/1, next fall, will not have a geographical or thematic focus, simply international, but later issues will have themes and sections focussing on special, especially maraudience (a friend, readers or auditors addressed from within a culture by a member of that culture, as in African orature, e.g.). And while we have not been in receipt of much work translated directly from mother tongues (except from women poets of India and Banladesh (Vol. I/2, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific), we are eager to receive good translations of either high literature or folk orature from mother tongues.

INTERNATIONAL QUARTERLY has begun at a very high level of performance, and we will look for every way possible to improve. We are very receptive to suggestions from all the cultures of the world. We are an independent non-profit corporation for multicultural dialogue and understanding through a counterpoint of outstanding writers and artists from all genres and from all regions of the globe. We are an affiliate of the Florida State University International Programs Office.

======================================================================== Address: INTERNATIONAL QUARTERLY P.O. Box 10521 Tallahassee, Florida, 32302-0521 USA. Phone (904) 224-5078, FAX (904) 224-5127, e-mail ========================================================================

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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