International & Environmental Job Bulletins

International & Environmental Job Bulletins

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Here is a list I've been working on recently...


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COMMUNITY JOBS 1516 P St., Suite CC Washington, DC 20005 Tel: (202) 667-0661

Monthly--$12/yr; $9/6 mo. The only nationwide listing of socially responsible jobs and internships. Lists jobs in peace and justice work, the environment, women's issues, social service, legal advocacy, alternative media, and more.

EARTHWORK MAGAZINE Student Conservation Association P.O. Box 550 Charlestown, NH 03603

Monthly--$29.95/yr or $19.95/6 mos. Up-to-date listing of conservation job openings. Covers non-profit, universities, local, state and federal government, and private organizations. Available in CALS Placement Center.

ENVIRONMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES P.O. Box 4957 or P.O. Box 788 Arcata, CA 95521 Wal Pole, NH 03608 (707) 839-4640 (603) 756-9744

Montly bulletin lists environmental jobs throughout the U.S. Write or call for free descriptive brochure. (Resch and Porter 1990).

THE GREENDISK Box 32224 Washington, DC 20007

Bimonthly--$35. Summaries of recently published books, reports, teaching aids, magazines, and newsletters. Employmnet and volunteer opportunites. Keyword search program.

HOTLINE A Bulletin of Opportunities for RPCVs Returned Volunteer Services, Peace Corps 1990 K Street, NW Room 8428 Washington, DC 20526 (202) 254-8326 or (800) 424-8580 ext. 284

Biweekly. "This twice a month job bulletin is free two years to recent RPCVs. It is available afterwards for an annual fee of $20." (Resch and Porter 1990). "Please do not contact this office unless you are a returned volunteer...If you left Peace Corps 20 years ago you can still use this service. RVS has an excellent library of international resources as well as numerous job listings relevant to its volunteers...Many nonprofit organizations, consulting firms, and educational organizations automatically contact this office when they have impending vacancies." (K & K 1991).

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CAREER BULLETIN Jeffries & Associates, Inc. 17200 Hughes Road Poolesville, MD 20837 (301) 972-8034

Bimonthly--$65/year. "A bimonthly newsletter that provides information of international job vacancies." (Krannich and Krannich 1991).

INTERNATIONAL CAREER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES and ENVIRONMENTAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Brubach Publishing Company 1100 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 861-0590

Bi-weekly. ICEO: More than 400 openings in the U.S. and abroad, in foreign affairs,international trade & finance, international development and assistance, foreign languages, international program administration, and international education and exchange programs, with the federal government, U.S. corporations, non-profits and international institutions. # issues Individual Institution 8 49 $69 12 69 99 26 129 189 Environmental Career Opportunities is available in CALS Placement Center.

INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT GAZETTE 1525 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, SC 29609 (800) 882-9188

Biweekly--$35/6 issues; $55/12 issues; $95/24 issues. "One of the newest and most comprehensive bi-weekly publications listing more than 400 vacancies in each issue. Includes many jobs in construction and business. Offers a custom-designed International Placement Network service for individuals." (K & K 1991).

INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT HOTLINE P.O. Box 330 or P.O. Box 6170 Oakton, VA 22124 McLean, VA 22106 (703) 620-1972

Monthly--$39/year. "Monthly listing of job vacancies available worldwide in government, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and business. Includes informative articles on the problems, pitfalls, and promises of finding an international job, including useful job search tips." (K & K 1991).

INTERNATIONAL JOBS BULLETIN University Placement Center Woody Hall B208 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL 62901-4703 (618) 453-1045

Biweekly--$25 for 20 issues. "A biweekly publication listing information on hundreds of organizations offering job vacancies overseas." (Krannich and Krannich 1991).

JOB OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN TransCentury Recruitment Center 1724 Kalorama Road, NW Washington, DC 20009 (202) 328-4400

Bimonthly--$25/year. "Provides up to date list of jobs available in health, agriculture, and business development in Latin America, Africa, and Asia." (Resch and Porter 1990). "A bimonthly listing of job vacancies available for individulas interested in the field of international development. Includes many NGOs, consulting firms, and educational institutions fuded by USAID." (Krannich and Krannich 1991).

JOB SCAN P.O. Box 550 Charlestown, NH 03603

Monthly--$39/yr. National listing of natural resource environmental jobs. Executive-entry level, internship and articles. (Resch and Porter 1990).

THE JOB SEEKER Rt. 2, Box 16 Warrens, WI 54666-9501 (608) 378-4722 (608) 378-4290

Biweekly--$84/year (institutions); $60/year (individuals), $36/12 issues; $19.50/6 issues. "The JOB SEEKER lists permanent and temporary vacancies in forestry, forest products, wildife, fisheries, range, biology, environmental protection and education, recreation, parks, and other natural-resource fields. The JOB SEEKER is a clearinghouse for professional and technical vacancies with timber industries, forestry consultants, nurseries, federal and state agencies (including registers), universities, nature centers, and other natural-resource organizations." (Resch and Porter 1990). Available in NCSU Natural Resources Library.

OPPORTUNITIES IN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Access: Networking in the Public Interest 96 Mt. Auburn (or 67 Winthrop Street) Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 495-2178

(Defunct? I wrote to both addresses--No forwarding address. -DD) Monthly. "A must resource for anyone looking for a job with nonprofits. Maintains the largest and most comprehensive data base on job opportunities with nonprofit organizations. Their monthly directory is available through several institutions throughout the U.S. Each issue lists more than 300 jobs with nonprofit organizations; 30 to 40 listings in each issue relate to international employment. Access also provides an "International Public Service JobSearch" service. This service attempts to match individuals' experience, skill, and interests with information on organizations in Access' data base. Contact Access, complete a questionnaire, and send them a resume and cover letter. You may also want to call them for information on which libraries or organizations closest to you subscribe to the directory. You can also subscribe to the service for under $300 a year." (K & K 1991).

" a non-profit organization dedicated to linking qualified job seekers with non-profit organizations interested in hiring them. Access publishes a monthly isting of over 100 non-profit job openings and internships which are sent to subscribing college career counseling offices, public libraries and volunteer centers. Access also does personal, computerized job searches for individuals holding MA's, MBA's or management and fundraising experience. There is no charge to list jobs with Access." (anon.).

MONDAY DEVELOPMENTS InterAction 1815 H St., NW Washington, DC 20006 (202) 822-8429

"A newsletter which also includes several vacancy announcements with nonprofit organizations that are members of InterAction." (Krannich and Krannich 1991).

TESOL 1118 2nd Street NW, Suite 205 Washington, DC 20037 (202) 625-4569

Bimonthly--$7.50/yr. Publication of jobs available overseas and within the states. (Resch and Porter 1990).

USA JOBS or JOBSource P.O. Box 20039 418 South Howes, Suite D Fort Worth, TX 76102 Fort Collins, Co 80521 (800) 727-JOBS (800) 727-JOBS

Provides lists of candidates for employers. No longer just environmental fields. Send resume to above address, or give information orally via toll-free number above. Free. Formerly JOBSource. "JOBSource provides descriptions of salaried and volunteer vacancies in environmental fields. Computer sorts to match job seekers' interests and qualifications. May be accessed by computer-modem or telephone request. Call for details." (Resch and Porter 1990)


Krannich, R.L. and C.R. Krannich. 1991. Almanac of International Jobs and Careers. Impact Publications, International Careers Department, 4580 Sunshine Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192. (Also by same authors: The Complete Guide to International Jobs and Careers). Available at D.H. Hill library.

Resch, T.M. and M.G. Porter. 1990. The Job Seekers Guide: Opportunities in Natural Resource Management for the Developing World. Forestry Support Program, USDA Forest Service/IF/FSP, P.O. Box 96090, Washington, DC 20090-6090.

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