International Career Employment Opportunities

International Career Employment Opportunities

Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 10:26:00 EST Reply-To: Mahesh S Koppula Sender: Technology Transfer in International Development Subject: International Career Employment Opportunities

Check the following in your library. "International Career Employment Opportunities" Four biweekly issues (2 months) cost $ 29 (individuals) & $ 35 (institutions); .... $ 229 (indiv.) & 350 (insti) in 1993. is about 40 pages (about 400 openings some of them closed by the time you get them).

Address: International Employment Opportunities, Rt. 2, Box 305, Stanardsville, VA 22973 PHONE: 804-985-6444 Fax: 804-985-6828.

I have also seen UNJL (United Nations Job Letter) published irregularly by Thomas Burola out of CA. Badly edited (lots of spelling mistakes) it does cost a lot. is about four pages (two pages on either side). tells one of the firms that were awarded contracts. Thomas Burola is on internet. Go to the library and read The International Herald Tribune or London Post or something similar. That will be more useful than subscribing for some magazine that is received by 10 to 40,000 subscribers who will send out many resumes.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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