Black Books Best Sellers

Black Books Best Sellers

United Brothers & United Sisters "Black America's Most Reliable Book Publisher, Distributor, and Retailer" is pleased to announce "Our Best Sellers List" is available via the MelaNet Information & Communications Network. The list contains those books which were top sellers via the Your Black Books Guide Network over the past month. The list is divided into three parts: overall best sellers, Black classics best sellers, and children's books best sellers.

To obtain a copy of the list send email to with "bestseller" as the subject (do not include quotes). The list shall be returned to you.

The list will be updated monthly in conjunction with our free Black booksellers trade newspaper "Your Black Books Guide." For a free copy of the Guide email us at

United Brothers & United Sisters
912 West Pembroke Avenue
Hampton, VA 23669
(804) 723 - 2696

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