African Literature: Poetry

African Literature: Poetry

Anthology of Poems by Five Army Officers
Edited by L.O.C. Anene
9781562978 42pp. 1993 Fourth Dimension Publ. $7.50/Pound3.95

Cemetery of Mind
Dambudzo Marechera
0908311451 222pp. 1992 Baobab Books $11.50/Pound6.50

A Chequered Serenade to Mother Africa
Mutu Wa Gethoi
Illustrated by Dorothy Migadde
9966469443 83pp. ill. 1996 East African Educ. Publ. (Poets of Africa, 10) $7.95/Pound4.25

The Cows of Shambat
Taban Lo Liyong
1779010400 99pp. 1992 Zimbabwe Publ. House $8.50/Pound4.95

'Sola Osofisan
9781292423 46pp. 1991 Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) (Heinemann Frontline series) $5.50/Pound2.95

Desert Detritus
Liz McClain
Illustrated by Christine Marais
9991631119 32pp. col.ill. 1992 New Namibia Books $5.50/Pound2.95

Kofi Anyidoho
9964970722 130pp. 1985 Woeli Publ. Services $7.95/Pound4.25

The Endless Song
Tanure Ojaide
978260139X 57pp. 1989 Malthouse Press (Malthouse African Poetry series) $8.50/Pound4.95

The Eye of the Earth
Niyi Osundare
9781291397 49pp. 1986 [reprint of ed. 1988] Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) (Heinemann Frontline series) $5.50/Pound2.95

The Fate of Vultures & Other Poems
Tanure Ojaide
9782601381 99pp. 1990 Malthouse Press (Malthouse African Poetry series) $10.00/Pound6.25

Fruits and Other Poems
Titus Moetsabi
1779010338 86pp. 1992 Zimbabwe Publ. House $8.50/Pound4.95

A Harvest of our Dreams with Elegy for the Revolution
Kofi Anyidoho
9964970730 96pp. 1985 Woeli Publ. Services $6.95/Pound3.75

Incarnation of Hope
Arthur A. Nwankwo
9781563656 166pp. 1993 Fourth Dimension Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25

The Innermost Explosion. Poems from Augustineum Secondary School
Namibia Young Writers' Club
9991631259 22pp. ill. 1993 New Namibia Books $5.50/Pound2.95

Lamentation at the Shrine: Quo Vadis, Africa? Poems
Eze Chi Chiazo
9781563974 26pp. 1995 Fourth Dimension Publ. $4.95/Pound2.75

Letter to Letta
Lindiwe Mabuza
0947479643 154pp. 1991 Skotaville Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25

A Letter to Lynda and Other Poems
Funso Aiyejina
1870716043 35pp. 1988 Saros Int. Publ. (Saros Star Series, 7) $8.50/Pound4.95

Niyi Osundare
9781291982 109pp. 1993 Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) (Heinemann Frontline series) $10.00/Pound6.25

Minted Coins
Okinba Launko
9781298472 72pp. 1987 Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) (Heinemann Frontline series) $5.50/Pound2.95

Niyi Osundare
9782460176 74pp. 1988 Spectrum Books $6.95/Pound3.75

My Mother's Poem and Other Songs. Songs and Poems
Micere Githae Mugo
9966464999 85pp. 1994 East African Educ. Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25

Of Feathers and Dead Leaves. And Other Poems
Christopher H.M. Barlow
0797408924 26pp. ill. 1989 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House (Southern Africa Political Economy series, 1) $7.95/Pound4.25

The Pages of Time. A Collection of Poems
K.O. Kessey
9964301766 52pp. 1991 Ghana Univ. Press $8.50/Pound4.95

A Pattern of Dust. Selected Poems 1965-1990
Timothy Wangusa
9970020285 87pp. 1994 Fountain Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25

Poems From East Africa
Edited by David Cook & David Rubadiri
9966460195 206pp. 1996 [reprint of ed. 1971] East African Educ. Publ. (Poets of Africa series, 1) $8.50/Pound4.95

The Poetry of Shaaban Robert
Clement Ndulute
9976602316 179pp. 1994 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $10.00/Pound6.25

Return of No Return and Other Poems
Kwesi Brew
9964701527 47pp. ill. 1995 Afram Publ. (Ghana) $8.00/Pound4.95

Song of Farewell
Jane Okot p'Bitek
9970020188 71pp. ill. 1994 Fountain Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

Songs in a Time of War
Ken Saro-Wiwa
9782460001 44pp. 1985 Saros Int. Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

Songs of the Market Place
Niyi Osundare
9782266108 90pp. 2nd ed. 1987 New Horn Press (Opon Ifa series, 2) $7.95/Pound4.25

Songs of the Season
Niyi Osundare
9781291761 150pp. 1990 Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) (Heinemann Frontline series) $8.50/Pound4.95

Testimonies of Exile
Abena P.A. Busia
Illustrated by Akosua Busia
9964978049 91pp. 1990 Woeli Publ. Services $10.00/Pound6.25

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This Turning Face. A Collection of Poems
John Aidoo
9964301871 98pp. 1991 Ghana Univ. Press $10.00/Pound6.25

Tides of Time: Selected Poems
Jared Angira
9966467416 169pp. 1996 East African Educ. Publ. (Poets of Africa series, 9) $8.50/Pound4.95

Two Songs: Song of Prisioner & Song of Malaya
Okot p'Bitek
9966467203 184pp. 1988 East African Educ. Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

Waiting Laughters
Niyi Osundare
9782601403 97pp. 1990 Malthouse Press $10.00/Pound6.25

When the Bullets Begin to Flower
Edited by M. Dickinson
9966466851 133pp. 1989 East African Educ. Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

Words That Melt a Mountain
Taban Lo Liyong
9966467890 149pp. 1996 East African Educ. Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

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