African Literature: Collections

African Literature: Collections

New titles - March 1997

New Poetry from Africa
R. Johnson & D. Ker et al
9782493635 150pp. 1996 University Press, Nigeria $12.50/Pound6.95 pap

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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1994 Zimbabwe Women Writers Anthology
Norma Kitson
0797413189 252pp. 1994 Zimbabwe Women Writers $21.50/Pound11.95

The AWA Collection
African Writers Association
0947009884 100pp. 1989 Skotaville Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

The Book Fair Book
Zimbabwe International Book Fair Trust
0797412735 94pp. ill. 1993 Zimbabwe Int. Book Fair Trust $10.00/Pound6.25

Coming on Strong. Writing by Namibian Women
Edited by Margie Orford & Nepeti Nicanor
9991631429 134pp. 1996 New Namibia Books $10.00/Pound6.25

Miriam Tlali
0947009035 120pp. 1984 Skotaville Publ. (Skotaville series, 2) $8.50/Pound4.95

New Poets of West Africa
Edited by Tijan Sallah
9782601985 236pp. 1995 Malthouse Press $11.50/Pound6.50

One Never Knows. An Anthology of Black South African Women Writers in Exile
Complied by Lindiwe Mabuza
947009655 120pp. 1989 Skotaville Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

The Open Door Omnibus. Selections From New Writers
Madeleine Loyson et al.
1874863067 213pp. 1993 Buchu Books $25.00/Pound13.95

The Sea and Man
British Council & Editions de l'OcÈan Indien
999030064X 194pp. ill. 1989 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $18.00/Pound9.95

Tender Memories. Poems and Short Stories.
Edited by A.I. Luvai & W. Kabira
9966465065 103pp. 1989 East African Educ. Publ. $8.50/Pound4.95

Voices From The Fringe: An ANA Anthology of New Nigerian Poetry
Edited by H. Garuba
9782601357 203pp. 1988 Malthouse Press $18.00/Pound9.95

Vultures in the Air. Voices from Northern Nigeria
Edited by Zaynab Alkali & Al Imfeld
9782462608 150pp. ill. 1995 Spectrum Books $13.75/Pound7.50

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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