Africana Publications on Microform

Africana Publications on Microform

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Requests for information on the following African Studies collections on microform should be sent to:

Contact: Norman Ross Publishing Inc. 330 West 58th Street New York, NY 10019 (800) 648-8850 (212) 765-8200 Fax 212-765-2393.

* Abolition of Slavery in the Anglo-Saxon World * Africa, general (IDC) * African Library: 16th Century-1800 * African Military Accounts * African Sectional Committee of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Minutes * Amnesty International * Annual Departmental Reports Relating to African Countries Prior to Independence: --Gambia (1877-1965) --Gold Coast & British Togoland (1846-1956) --Kenya & the East African High Commission (1903-1963) --Nigeria & British Cameroons (1887-1961) --Nyasaland (1907-1964) --Sierra Leone (1893-1961) --Southern Rhodesia (1890-1980) * Anti-Slavery Materials: Regional Records & Other Pamphlets, 18th-19th Centuries from the Library of the Society of Friends * Bibliotheque 'Umarienne de Segou Fonds Archinard * Black Africa: 19th & 20th Centuries * Church Missionary Society for Africa & the East: --Proceedings, 1801-1921 --West Indian Mission Records 1819-1861 --Papers of the Christian Faith Society, 17th-20th Centuries * Colin Legum's African Collection * Current Research from France: African Studies * Documents on Education Development: Africa * Estlin Papers, 1840-1844 * Ethiopica * Ghana Archive of the Basel Mission, 1829-1917 * Government Publications Relating to African Countries Prior to Independence: --Cape of Good Hope (to 1910) --Gambia (1822-1965) --Gold Coast (1846-1957) --Kenya (1897-1963) --Nigeria (1862-1960) --Northern Rhodesia (1891-1964) --Sierra Leone (1808-1961) --Southern Rhodesia (1890-1963) --Tanganyika (1919-1961) --Uganda (1900-1962) --Zanzibar (1860-1963) * Guide to Records Relating to Ghana in UK Repositories * Guide to the Sources of the History of Africa, 8 vols. (Hardbound) * Heartman Manuscript Collection at Xavier University Library, New Orleans: Manuscripts on Slavery * Human Rights Documents, 1980- * International African Bibliography: Current Books, Articles and Papers in African Studies, 1971- * International Missionary Council Archives 1910-1961 * Islam-fiche * Joint IMC/CBMS Missionary Archives * Library Materials on Afria, vols. 1-10 * National Development Plans: Africa * National Statistical Reports: Africa * Nigerian Bronzes in the Museum of Mankind * Nigerian Labour Studies * Paris Evangelical Missionary Society Archives 1822- * Rhodes House Library, Oxford, Anti-Slavery Collection * Royal Commonwealth Society: Slave Trade Book & Pamphlet Collection 1680-1865 * Slave Trade and Abolitionism in France: 1744-1848 * Slavery Tracts & Pamphlets from the West India Committee Collection * School of Oriental & African Studies Library Catalogue * South African Library Catalogues * South Africa: The War of 1899-1902 & the Chinese Labour Question * South African War, 1890-1902 * Swaziland Government Publications, 1880-1975 * 20th Century Political Ephemera in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London * United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel: --Madagascar Records --Gold Coast --South African Archives --Calendar of African Letters --Index to African Archives * War Office Books, Military Reports, & Information Precis for British Africa, 1867-1912 * William Smeal Collection from Glasgow Public Library

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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