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African Technology Forum


The Information Source for Science and Technology in Africa

African Technology Forum (ATF) is a quarterly publication aimed at providing an essential communication link between African engineers, scientists, and policy makers, and their counterparts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its goal is to provide a forum for discovering how technological advances can be adapted to promote the lives of the people of Africa, taking into account the social and cultural dimensions of technological change.

ATF invites well-written articles about:

- important trends and issues that may affect science, engineering, medicine and technology in Africa;

- novel and effective scientific techniques and processes designed to improve the lives of the people of Africa;

- applied research of relevance to the implementation of technology in Africa.

Manuscripts submitted to ATF are generally reviewed by at least two members of the editorial staff ot other authorities on the subject. Authors will be informed of the decision immediately after the review process, which usually takes two to four weeks.

Subscription rates are $8.00 for 4 issues for readers in Africa; $14.00 for 4 issues elsewhere. Funds must be paid in US currency unless special arrangements are made with ATF.

Send manuscripts to:

The Editors African Technology Forum, MIT Branch P.O. Box 171 Cambridge MA 02139.

Send subscription and advertising enquiries to:

African Technology Forum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room 50-360 142 Memorial Drive Cambridge MA 02139-9992 Phone/Fax: (617) 225-0339.

In Ghana: African Technology Forum, P.O. Box 11241 Accra, Ghana.

In Kenya: African Technology Forum, P.O. Box 22265 Nairobi, Kenya.

In Nigeria: c/o Resourcery Ltd. P.O. Box 71584 Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

Call for Articles

African Technology Forum

What's the problem? Many believe that the key to Africa's economic development lies in improving the continent's science and technology capacity. Unfortunately, very few ideas have emerged telling us exactly how these improvements should take place.

African Technology Forum (ATF) is a quarterly publication devoted to issues of science and technology concerning Africa. ATF provides a communications link between engineers and scientists in Africa and their counterparts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Contributors to ATF discuss how technological advances can be adapted to promote the lives of people in Africa, taking into account the social and cultural dimensions of technological change. ATF is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers.

Contributions to the African Technology Forum are invited from any person or organization with an interest in the development of Africa through the dissemination of scientific and technological information.

Each issue of ATF has a feature topic with several in-depth articles, as well as regular sections on Information Systems, Life Technologies, Human Resources, Environment Watch, Industry and Energy, and Transportation.

Contents from current issue "Agriculture and Food Processing" (Feb./March 1993):

Cassava Breakthrough in Nigeria Energy, Food Preparation, and Health Care in Africa: Traditional Food Preservation: an Overview Food Processing: A Vital Link in African Development? The Food Production Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa African Women and Agricultural Technologies Germplasm Collection of Macabo Cocoyams in Cameroon Nucleus Breeding in Livestock Family Planning in Nigeria Microsoft Windows 3.1: Much ado about what? A New Look at Industrial Productivity Harmonizing Technology and Cultural Reason

Submissions to ATF may be in the form of news items, research projects, opinions, or other previously unpublished or published material. Appropriate credit will be given to all sources where applicable. Articles need not be purely technical, but must have implications on the role of science and technology in economic development. Examples of research experience in other parts of the world are welcome, as are submissions dealing with the social and cultural impact of technology on different societies.

Other topics to be featured in 1993 are: Telecommunications, Health, and Manufacturing/Construction.

We do not have an electronic version of the publication available, although requests for individual articles will be considered. Annual subscription cost is US$14.00 for four issues, except for readers in Africa where the cost is US$8.00. You may subscribe by sending a message to the address below.

Please send all inquiries and contributions to: The Editors African Technology Forum MIT Branch Box 171 Cambridge, MA 02139 USA Phone/Fax: (617) 225-0339 e-mail:

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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