African News in Print

African News in Print

PRINTED AFRICAN NEWS PUBLICATIONS ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

- AFRICANEWS: THE NEWSPAPER OF AFRICAN AFFAIRS. Published bi-weekly by Africa News Service at $36 per year. Now includes a directory of educational, employment and business opportunities in each issue. Contact: Africa News Service, P.O. Box 3851, Durham, NC 27702 (919) 286-0747.

- AFRICA REPORT. Published bi-monthly by the African-American Institute, at $37 per year. Contact: African-American Institute PO Box 3000, Dept. AR, Denville, NJ 07834.

- THE ECONOMIST. A good source that is not specific to Africa but does a good job of staying current. Contact: Unknown.

- THE GLOBE AND MAIL. A Canadian newpaper that has a "World in Brief" column. Contact: Unknown.

- JEUNE AFRIQUE. This comes out of France. It's monthly but should provide a greater depth of coverage precisely because it is more francophone oriented. It is aimed at a younger audience so the writing is easier for non- Francophones to understand. Contact: Unknown.

- "THE NIGERIAN REPORTER." A newspaper published by St. Cloud State University, has a special introductory offer for new readers to receive 2 free issues with no obligation. Subscriptions are available for one year (44 issues- $44) or for 6 months (22 issues- $22). Contact: The Nigerian Reporter 233 17th Avenue North St Cloud, MN 56303 (612) 259-6131.

- WEST AFRICA. This is a weekly magazine published out of the UK since 1917. Contact: Unknown.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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