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African HomeFront Magazine

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I just received a sample issue of AFRICAN HOMEFRONT: THE AFRICAN FAMILY MAGAZINE. This Jan/Feb. issue is only the second for the publicaton. It looks great.

The introduction promo reads:

"Because there is so much to be gained from an understanding of the African family and its values, please accept our special invitation to become a charter subscriber."

"Exciting factual stories, riveting human interest, refreshing articles on different countries within the African world, stimulating coverage of travel and languages, and features on special topic such as African naming practices and the world as seen through the eyes of African women and men.."

Table of Contents:

Children in African Societies: How do Africans traditionally raise their children? "... the African Child is trained and socialized not just by his or her parents, but also by every adult in the community." "...from very early in life, the African child learns that he or she IS, because WE ARE."

Letters Homefront: News bits

Images of Childhood: Parents and their children at the same age.

Gasikiya: The "N" word: Whose monkey is it? African American's story of growing up in a Balimore ghetto.

From the Trenches: Preparing your child for school.

KidsFront: Pull-out section for Kids. Six pages of pen-pals, short stories, fun facts about Africa, African language lessons, and cartoons.

Brazilain Street Kids: What is life like for Brazil's poor Black children?

DrumBeat: Music from around the African world.

Bukateria: Mouth-watering African dishes

Country Profile: Ghana

Food for Thought: African Homefront Reviews

TravelTips: Three and a half weeks in Ghana.

Ajobi: Omopariola - children are the crowning glory of wealth.

Subscriptions: Individual 1 year (6 issues) $12 Institutional 1 year (6 issues) $20

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