African Observer Newspaper

African Observer Newspaper

African and Black American Newspapers as Text Materials for School Use, electronic format.

Hard copy trial "The African Observer", published every other week in New York.

The better newspapers are passionately concerned with what goes in the communities they serve. People support that is to say "pay" for them just for this reason.

Moderately priced hard copy supplements to electronic materials (to be provided later) will be helpful both as class room texts and as additions to library collections. One of these is the African Obsever published in Brooklyn NY. This newspaper which comes out every two weeks will inform both you and your students on what's happening in the motherland.

We would be extremely grateful for your comments on the following questions.

Could direct delivery of hard copy African Observer make a differance in your student's school experience?

Could these help strengthen their reading skills? Marketable computer skills?

Of course I already know the answer. Please forgive my rhetorical questions. This is very much a part of a serious market study with which I hope to influence buyers for your local library and schools.

In my humble opinion the American public is often ill informed as to daily events in "foreign" communities. Big time media doesn't do the job. This is due in part to realities of the mass market place. Third world catastrophes translating into high prime time viewer ratings is evidence merely of this failure. The talk shows where America informs itself nowdays seldom get around to 3rd world events.

As teachers however you have an oportunity to nourish a great natural co-constituency signified be the instant mutual cultural recognition factor between Black Americans and Africans. Your students may be in the best position to interactively make a difference in our various often poor communities, do business, share technology and etc.

In the meantime please write for your free sample copy either to me (email) or directly to Steve Mallory, Publisher and Editor, The African Observer, PO Box 470587, Brooklyn NY 11247-0587 (tel) 718 830 5021. Price: $1.95 news stand, $38/year, School Special $15.00/Ten copies/week/quarter,semester,year (USA, Canada). Larger orders and overseas queries are also welcome as we are coming out with an electronic edition. Mr. Mallory is a citizen of Ghana living and publishing in New York.

George Pope, 2280 Bunker Hill Dr. San Mateo CA 94402
415 574 2799,

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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 06:25:24 GM

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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