Nonprofit Crafts

Nonprofit Crafts

VITA is exploring a relationship with a local organization (SERRV) that is involved in "alternative marketing" of hand- crafts--hand-made items made by artisans in Asia, Africa and Latin America which are sold without commercial middle-men. I have personally interacted with this organization for twenty years and can vouch for the high-quality of their work and commitment with which they labor on behalf of village artisans. We would like to see if using the Internet might improve their outreach, especially as we approach the holiday season.

Following is their own mission statement. If you would like to receive a catalog or get more information, please contact SERRV at the address given below--and please mention that you found this on the Internet:

                    SERRV Handcrafts
                    500 Main Street
                    P.O. Box 365
                    New Windsor, MD 21776
                    Tel. 410/635-8757
                    Fax  410/635-8774

"SERRV Handcrafts is a non-profit program which promotes the social and economic progress of people in developing regions of the world by purchasing and marketing their crafts in a just and direct manner. We have been creating a marketplace based on fairness for almost fifty years. In the alternative trade community we are known for our outstanding customer service and quality control.

When you purchase a SERRV handcraft, you become part of a global partnership of justice and hope. Your purchase brings dignity and needed income to a developing world artisan. In exchange you receive a "one-of-a-kind" quality product at an affordable price.

SERRV is a program of the Church of the Brethren and a member of the International Federation for Alternative Trade."

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