PASSPORT Discount Telephone Rates for Africa

PASSPORT Discount Telephone Rates for Africa

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 1994 00:45:46 -0800 (PST) From: "Vic Thiry" Message-Id: <> Subject: Re: Discount telephone rates to and from Africa

Following is the information I offered on using US dialtone from Africa and discounted rates to Africa, including an application form, our current price sheet showing per-minute costs to over 130 countries, and an invitation to people both within the US and in Africa to become involved.

For example:

Country Rate Algeria $1.20 These rates are in US$ Angola $1.80 Cameroon $1.89 30-second minimum per completed call. Congo $1.65 Billed at six-second increments. Ethiopia $1.85 Ivory Coast $1.62 $25/month minimum usage. Kenya $1.20 Liberia $0.72 $50 sign-up fee (waived with 5 referrals) Nigeria $0.86 South Africa $0.88 Rates are the same 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Uganda $1.47 Zaire $1.40 Rates published 1/28/94 ... Subject to Change. Zambia $1.57 Zimbabwe $1.49

Four reasons for this information:

1. African Students who might wish to call home. 2. African parents who might wish to call here. 3. African business usage. 4. Job opportunities both in the US and anywhere in Africa selling this service.

Vic Thiry, President BCM, Inc

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2. Volume pricing. Our high volume of calls lets us negotiate large discounts with a variety of carriers.

3. Precision billing. Unlike most phone services, PASSPORT has a low 30 second minimum, with 6 second increments. So you don't pay for time you don't use.

4. Computerized call routing. Our advanced telemanagement software automatically selects the most efficient carrier for your particular call.

A Simple System.

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You get full details, grouped by originating number. These include the date, time, duration, country, and charges for each call. You also get a summary, as well as other helpful reports.

In fact, many companies join PASSPORT just for the valuable cost breakdown and summary information in our statements.

Cut the following PASSPORT enrollment form, print it, fill it out, sign it, and Fax it to BCM, Inc at 1-510/277-3555.

Business Communications Management, Inc. is located at:

1320 El Capitan Drive, Suite 300 Danville, CA 94526

Phone 1-510/277-3553 Fax 1-510/277-3555 Internet

-------------------------------cut here------------------------------- Please Fill Out In English

Company Name:_________________________________________________________ Street Address:_______________________________________________________ City:_________________________________________________________________ Postal Code:____________________________Country:______________________ Person to Contact Regarding This Account:_____________________________ Tel:_________-______-____________ Fax:___________-_______-____________ Country City Number Country City Number Code Code Code Code ______________________________________________________________________ Lines Information ______________________________________________________________________ You may register as many phone/fax/ For each line, ESTIMATE maximum cellular/modem lines as you wish monthly charges you wish to authorize

Country Code+City Code+Number

________+________+__________ $________________________ ________+________+__________ $________________________ ________+________+__________ $________________________ ________+________+__________ $________________________ ________+________+__________ $________________________ ________+________+__________ $________________________

PASSPORT phone charges are billed to your credit card.

IMPORTANT: A credit hold of 1/4 of the authorized monthly total will be issued against your credit card each week, but you will only be billed for actual charges as incurred. (See "Agreement" below for more details). ______________________________________________________________________

Credit Card Information ______________________________________________________________________ Type: _____VISA _____ MasterCharge _____Other ________________________ Name (exactly as shown on card):______________________________________ Number:_________________________________Exp Date:_____________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Agreement ______________________________________________________________________

I, the cardholder, by signing below, agree to pay and specifically authorize a charge for, and do hereby request a credit allowance for long distance telemanagement services in an amount per month AS STATED ABOVE. I understand a weekly credit hold in the amount of 25% of the total stated above will be placed on my account, but my account will only be charged on a weekly basis for services used.

I understand that I have 30 days from the date of receipt to dispute any charges and that all disputes must be submitted in writing, Via Air Mail or fax, to Passport Services, Suite 300 at 1320 El Capitan Drive, Danville, Calif 94526. Fax number 1-510/277-3555.

I further agree that in the event my credit card becomes invalid, that I will provide a valid credit card number upon request and have charged or pay any and all outstanding balances owed.

Signature:_____________________________ Date:________________________


For BCM use only Membership Fee Member # 826_____________30

ML ______________________________________________________________________

We have recently expanded our service to *every country in the world* and as a result we are seeking additional local marketing partners to re-sell the program to companies and individuals throughout Africa.

There is no inventory to purchase, no operations, no billing or collections.

If you or someone you know have a strong presence in your country and the ability to market to the business community there, this may be an excellect opportunity. A minimum investment in brochures and acknowledgements should produce a *RESIDUAL* income of US$20,000 per MONTH within one year of operation.

At this time we see a significant opportunity in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, and Kenya, but we are aware that we may not see all of the opportunities that people in Africa may see.

Please email, fax, write, or phone for further information on our affiliate offering.

See How Much You Can Save On Overseas Calls With PASSPORT

All billing is done in 6 second (1/10th minute) increments. Minimum charge per call is 30 seconds. No charge if no answer. Rates shown are for one minute in US$


1. Find the rates for the country you are calling FROM 2. Find the rates for the country you are calling TO 3. Add the rates together to find the total cost of your call.

Example: for a call from Japan to Brazil: >From Japan $0.45 + to Brazil $0.68 = Total cost of call $1.13

Country Rate Country Rate Country Rate Algeria $1.20 Germany $0.46 Norway $0.52 Angola $1.80 Greece $0.91 Oman $2.03 Antigua $0.86 Greenland $1.01 Pakistan $1.42 Argentina $0.74 Guam $0.57 Panama $0.77 Armenia $1.59 Guatemala $0.89 Paraguay $1.00 Aruba $1.29 Guyana $1.44 Peru $1.02 Australia $0.34 Haiti $0.91 Phillipines $1.00 Austria $0.69 Honduras $0.94 Poland $0.93 Azerbaijan $1.59 Hong Kong $0.51 Portugal $1.16 Bahamas $0.42 Hungary $0.98 Quatar $1.39 Bangladesh $1.82 Iceland $0.93 Romania $1.83 Barbados $0.85 India $1.06 Russia $1.59 Belarus $1.59 Indonesia $1.32 Saudi Arabia$1.27 Belgium $0.71 Iran $1.25 Scotland $0.29 Belize $1.25 Ireland $0.68 Sierra Leone$3.58 Bermuda $0.55 Israel $0.98 Singapore $0.49 Bolivia $0.98 Italy $0.80 South Africa$0.88 Brazil $0.68 Ivory Coas$1.62 South Korea $0.80 Br. Virgin Isl$0.87 Jamaica $0.90 Spain $0.69 Bulgaria $1.72 Japan $0.45 Sri Lanka $1.48 Cameroon $1.89 Jordan $0.97 Sweden $0.35 Canada $0.23 Kenya $1.20 Switzerland $0.45 Cayman Isl. $0.86 Kirghiz $1.59 Syria $2.13 Chile $0.88 Kuwait $1.06 Tadzhikistan$1.59 China $1.61 Latvia $1.59 Taiwan $0.63 Colombia $0.80 Liberia $0.72 Tanzania $1.60 Congo $1.65 Libya $1.42 Thailand $1.12 Costa Rica $0.77 Liechtenst$0.46 Trinidad $1.10 Cyprus $1.04 Lithuania $1.59 Tunisia $1.56 Czechoslovakia$1.04 Luxembourg$0.68 Turkey $1.04 Denmark $0.70 Malaysia $1.12 Turkmenistan$1.59 Dominican Rep.$0.84 Malta $1.40 Uganda $1.47 Ecuador $0.88 Marshall I$1.83 Ukraine $1.59 Egypt $1.13 Mauritania$2.56 U.Arab Emira$0.89 El Salvador $0.84 Mexico* $0.84 UnitedStates$0.00 England (UK) $0.29 Mexico* $1.21 Uruguay $1.14 Estonia $1.59 Monaco $0.40 Uzbekistan $1.59 Ethiopia $1.85 Morocco $1.72 Venezuela $0.60 Fiji $1.89 Nepal $2.15 Vietnam $2.59 Finland $0.56 Neth.Antil$0.55 Wales $0.29 France $0.40 Netherland$0.40 Yugoslavia $1.01 French Antille$1.14 NewCaledon$2.43 Zaire $1.40 French Guiana $1.50 NewZealand$0.64 Zambia $1.57 French Polynes$2.72 Nicaragua $0.98 Zimbabwe $1.49 Georgia $1.59 Nigeria $0.86

* Mexico has non-peak and peak hour rates and is billed in full-minute increments.

all rates subject to change

rates effective 28 January, 1994

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vic Thiry | Save up to 70% on your Int'l Business Communications Management, Inc | Long Distance with US dial- 1320 El Capitan Drive, Danville, CA 94526| tone call-back! email, phone, 1-510/277-3553 voice 1-510/277-3555 fax | fax or write for details.


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