Internet Matrimonial Service for Muslims

Internet Matrimonial Service for Muslims


In response to my previous post on "Internet Matrimonial Service for Muslims ", a couple of responses were made to improve/change the contents of the posting. One comment was that it might be hurting to JEW/Christians Sisters to have "pious" included in there. In this posting I am removing that. Also I was informed that JEWS can't marry outside their religion. For this I would say, that this service is meant for MUSLIMS and would reflect whatever ISLAM permits.

Secondly, I was advised not to insist on asking for phone number. The advise is well taken. As far as I am concerned too, I would not like to see this service being misused. That was the reason, in the first place this was started as a moderated "listserver".The number of "subscribers" are increasing daily, however there has been only 1 posting on the "listserver" since its inception. Maybe after these modifcations to the requirements, more Brothers & Sisters would take part in this.

Remember, this is a service the success of which relies on the subscribers themselves.

If any of you out there have any other comments/suggestions do not hesistate to forward it.

The modified message follows :

Among other problems faced in this country by Muslims, is finding of a Muslim Spouse.

With this in mind, I am starting a listserver which would (I hope...) serve as Internet "Matrimonial Ads." for Muslims.

Muslim Brothers and Sisters, as well as Christian and Jew Sisters are welcome to you use this service.

The listserver is called "rishtay" and will be moderated. The Ads. should contain relevant information about the person and desired charactersitics of the sought after spouse. It MUST contain senders contact (e.g. E-mail address). No replies to submitted Ads. would be posted. Response to Ads. should be done individually, through the contact provided.

The service would be terminated, in case of lack of interest shown, or one-sided postings (e.g only Male seeking a spouse).

The following intructions explain, how to subscribe and submit postings :


To subscribe to mailinglist "rishtay", simply send e-mail message with the word "subscribe" in the Subject: field to "".

To unsubscribe to mailinglist "rishtay", simply send e-mail message with word "unsubscribe" in the Subject:field to "".

--------------------------------Posting an Ad.-------------------------
After you have been succesfully subscribed, you would receive a message from the listserver "rishtay". Once this is done you would receive all the postings made to this listserver. You can also post your Ad. by sending mail to "".

May ALLAH guide us all.


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