Kwaplah International Inc., African Experts

Kwaplah International Inc., African Experts

Kwaplah International Inc. is an African based organization interested in compiling bio-data on African and African American Experts in differnt fields of study as well as subject specialists. This process has been on going for the past 2 months. The purpose of such data is help such individuals as well as International organization that do development work in Africa and other developing nations to provide quality consultant work. The invidual may be called upon to participate in projects sponsored by USAID, United Nations, World Bank etc., whereas those organization will have the opportunity to engage indigeneus Africans and African Americans in such international Projects. This is not by any means restricted to only Africans / African Americans, but any other Experts who had any experiences in Africa or International arena.

If you are interested or know anybody who is interested, please send your your resume / curriculum vitae along with a mission statement, and specifying clearly your expertise area and any area of geographical preference to:

The Director,
Kwaplah International Inc.
Office of Procurement and International
Consultant Service, 920 N. W. 9th St. #3
Corvallis Oregon, 97330
Phone:1-503-757-6546 Fax:1-503-752-6432

Yakubu Tor-Agbidye (PhD)

Date: 28-AUG-1994 06:19
From: yakubut@CSOS.ORST.EDU (Yakubu Tor-agbidye)
Description: African Experts

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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