Intersocietal Development Marketing

Intersocietal Development Marketing

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Intersocietal is a canadian enterprise, specialized in human and economic development marketing for developing countries.

Our collaborators have a wide 20 years experience in marketing and communication strategy and audio-visual productions, especially in Haiti.

We are affiliated with an agency in Haiti, with wich we collaborate since 1987. We realized most of the major innovative IEC campaigns, organizational program, media approachs, advertising and public relations campaigns of the country.

We offer a full range of services, as marketing and communication strategy to graphic and video production, supported by a North-South expertise.

Offering services in marketing and communication for developing countries requires an intersocietal vision, an entire participation in cultures and a perfect synergy between the different partners. In brief, an offer oriented on total quality, in wich marketing and communication act as a key factor of success for human and economic development, for the universal progress of societies.


We evolve for the benefit of our partners: i.e. our collaborators, our clients and the people in the societies in wich we are involved.

We are an enterprise with a strong philosophy, based on action, an enterprise that believes in values and is dedicated to total quality of its services, its people and its relationships with its clients and the respect of the countries culture in wich we are involved.

Our societal vocation is a basic orientation of our evolution. We will take more and more part in marketing of attitudes and behaviors that will improve whole societies.

WE BELIEVE in an effective, innovative and thoroughly professional services.

WE BELIEVE in a stable organization made up of talented and daring people, seeking to fullfil themselves as individual and as a team.

WE BELIEVE in loyal and close relationships with our partners to build the future with us.

Intersocietal constantly strives to live up to these convictions, wich will continue to guide us in the present and future as well. This vision of the future is the essence of Intersocietal and its motivation, vitality and pride.


CANADA Conception and production of a video training program for Ultramar in Canada. It is a complete training program for the dealers and employees of a petroleum enterprise: management, human ressources, security, marketing, service...

Conception and production of a training video on security and urgency measures for "Aeroports de Montreal"(ADM), in Canada. The video is destined to the security and urgency intervention groups at the Mirabel international airport.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Plan of intervention in the "bateyes" of Dominican Republic, for the Centro de promocion integral y salud educacional (CEPROINSAE). This plan cover human rights, health, education and literacy, agriculture, women promotion, community organization.

HAITI The organization of press center and public relations for the elections of november, 1987. The press center was qualified, by observators, as one of the best in Latin America elections history.

National Immunization, diarrhea control and breastfeeding promotion Programs for Health ministry and UNICEF, in HAITI.All ground approach was first oriented on local participation, market place target, entrepreneurship spirit and motivation of medical agents. Also, for the first time in this kind of campaigns, we integrate a voodoo organization.

Launching of the first aids direct intervention and educational campaign in the working sites of Port-au-Prince, in Haiti, for the GLAS and the USAID. The innovation was to target an homogeneous group: the workers. To prevent aids, we need more than a creative slogan. The intervention on the working site has permitted an interactive exchange, the sharing of common experiences, and helped the participant to develop new behaviors against aids on their own field of living and working.

Launching of the popular gaz stove BIP TI CHERI, in Haiti, for Shell Petroleum and Sodigaz. The innovation was to develop an educative approach based on radio and TV soaps. This campaign was rated by UNDP/World Bank (ESMAP), in its "Republic d'Haiti, Strategie pour l'Energie Domestique" study (June 1991) as a great success. BIP taked 10% of charcoal market shares in the first 3 months.

Promoting of all the public affairs program of Shell-Haiti, as reforestration program, internal tourism development program and road security program.

Development of an organizational communication program for the Societe du Rhum Barbancourt, an agro-industry in Haiti, wich assume not only its economic role, but its human role. The goal of this program is to upgrade the human and economic realization of the entreprise and its folks. The objectives are to: reinforce the family spirit; develop internal communication tools and the circulation of information; assure a better mediation between the entreprise need's and the workers need's; assure a more powerful competitive commercial situation. All the program was developed with the workers, with the entire support of the management. All the result are based on the workers desires. We have developed an internal audio newsletter, by audio cassette distributed to all; a performance recognition program; birthdays recognition program; annual awards; annual survey on internal organisation and communication with all the workers; health insurance; training on meeting and negociation methodology; and many other projects. The last project is a buying cooperative, destined to decrease the rising cost of life on basic product. The workers, with any experience on this kind of project, learn about the management and the fonctionning of a coop. We think we have a beautiful example of a new kind of relation between the enterprise and the workers in developing countries, a new kind of auto- syndicalism, where enterprise is involved in its human role with so much importance than its profitability role.


One of the basic reasons for the dramatic situation in developing countries is, of course, poverty, wich become a survival state that condition individual and collective liberty and choices. Essentially, the underlying cause is that the large majority of these people have no access to contemporary knowledge wich is so vital for their improvement.

UNICEF, OMS, UNESCO and most of 70 organizations agree on a universal consensus, a simple idea: "facts for life". There is a widespread agreement that science, technology and knowledge in general have advanced enormously in recent years. The tools are universaly available, simple and everyone can use them. However, the big problem is now to make that new knowledge the basic rule for people and their community.

Communicating what is known today to every family and every community in the developing world is one of the greatest challenge the humanity has to face as the 20th century is ending. This is the challenge Intersocietal is tackling. ________________________________________________________________________

Best regards,

Stephane d'Amours INTERSOCIETAL INC. interso@CAM.ORG

"The power of communication of a country reflect its spirit of development. A communicating country is a growing country."

INTERSOCIETAL is a canadian enterprise, specialized in human and economic development communication-marketing for developing countries.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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