African National Congress Products

African National Congress Products

From: (Tom C. Swinnea ) Subject: African National Congress Products Date: 9 Jan 1994 04:33:16 GMT

"With your help, we cannot fail." Nelson Mandela "A Personal Appeal"

This year, make history.

This year, help the governed become the government.

This year, help end the only form of rule that has been declared a crime against humanity.

This year, participate in the first democratic majority election in South Africa and at the same time receive quality goods.

There have been several inquiries on the Net and a recent story in TIME magazine about products of the African National Congress. In response to these queries and news, IMEX Traders is proud to offer authorized merchandise of the African National Congress for sale throughout North America and the world. The ANC is the party of Nelson Mandela, co- winner of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize and one of TIME Mgazine's Persons of the Year. The ANC is the world's oldest and largest anti-apartheid organization.

IMEX is the exclusive licensee of the African National Congress for North America. A portion of the revenue of all merchanidse benefits the African National Congress Elections Commission Fund. In addition to producing products for the ANC, IMEX can sublicense the ANC's logo and trademarked sayings and representations for North America. IMEX Traders is an Austin, Texas based import and export company. Its founder, Tom Swinnea, experienced apartheid firsthand when he attended the University of Cape Town for a year on a Rotary International fellowship. IMEX's licensing contract is directly with the ANC.

Because of the immediate need for the ANC to raise large sums of money to mount an effective campaign for the April 27, 1994 election, IMEX urges you to order products NOW. Black History Month will be here in February. The sooner these goods begin appearing throughout the world, the sooner funding can flow to the ANC.

We at IMEX also urge you to send your e-mail and physical addresses for a catalog of goods. Send this information to

Because of past practices of the ruling party, by the ANC's own admission, the ANC has no effective electoral infrastructure, nor the ability to raise vast amounts of money from its constituency, which is extremely poor. It also does not have a well established network of donors.

In this choice between freedom and oppression, the democratic election of a federalist government in South Africa will directly affect all of sub-Saharan Africa and the 100 million people throughout the region.

IMEX has many quality products, produced in large measure in the United States and Canada by minority business enterprises and/or women owned. Some offerings are from South Africa, either from authorized ANC representatives or, in the case of crafts, indigenous artisans. Purchase of these goods gives economic empowerment to local communities, promotes sustainable economic development, and provides funds to defeat apartheid.

The product offerings are not limited to ANC materials, although the ANC receives revenue from each purchase. Universal themes of freedom, education, justice, understanding, and empowerment run throughout these offerings. IMEX has agreements with artists from all parts of North America to produce materials for this endeavor.

A central theme to many of these products is the ANC logo, which consists of a shield, spear, hand, flag, and wheel. The spear of the nation alongside the shield is held by a civilian hand, representing a strong defense controlled by the population. The ANC flag flies proudly from the spear with this colors of black (the richness of the people), green (the richness of the land), and gold (the richness of the earth). The wheel represents industry and movement forward.

Some of the other articles offered are malachite bead necklaces from South Africa, a full color poster of the African continent taken from a Space Shuttle mission, postcards from the Smithsonian Institution's collection of African-American artists, and vibrant shirts and tote bags denoting growing children, helpful adults, and universal positive goals.

IMEX Traders can ship available products on the date of receipt of funds. Since this program began, we have informed people throughout the world of the fastest and most efficient methods of delivery for their orders. IMEX representatives have provided same day shipment options for groups in New York, Scotland, and Europe. IMEX has provided second day air delivery to South Africa, next day delivery to various U.S. destinations, and hand delivery in Harlem for some participants in last year's African-American Day Parade.

For this year's Black History Month in February, ANC products are as timely as the morning paper and as current as the evening news. Fewer things are more topical and historical than the first majority election in a country that built its governing structures on the specific and explicit denial of human rights to the majority of its population.


The following offerings are as of January 7, 1994, and ALL PRICES ARE QUOTED IN UNITED STATES DOLLARS. Postage and handling for United States orders is $5.00. Texas and Washington, D.C. residents add applicable sales tax. Additional postage for Canadian orders is $6.00 (plus GST). Additional postage outside the United States is $15.00. For bulk purchases, wire transfer of funds information for large orders, and Express Delivery options, inquire via Email at

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Orders must include payment in check, money order, or cashier's check. Checks drawn on a U.S. branch are HIGHLY recommended.

IMEX Traders 3808 Arrow Drive Austin, Texas 78749 USA Voice/Fax +1 512 292 1936 Toll Free USA 1 800 ANC 7155 Internet for orders, catalogs, inquiries: Internet for IMEX president Tom Swinnea:


ANC, African National Congress, The People Shall Govern!, and the ANC mark are designated trademarks of the African National Congress and are used, under license, by IMEX Traders, Exclusive Licensee of the African National Congress. C and TM 1993 African National Congress. Assure authentic merchandise. No apparel valid without authorized hang tag.


CAPS--ONE SIZE FITS ALL. CAPS $14.00 EACH. IE100 Baseball cap. Black with letters ANC in green and gold embroidery. IE101 Same as above with ANC logo. Logo outlined in golden thread.

T-SHIRTS AND APPAREL. All shirts silk screened and made in USA. L, XL, XXL (XXL add 50 cents each). IE120 100% Preshrunk cotton with ANC logo and THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN slogan. This is the same style presented to President Mandela at the UN after his speech calling for an end to sanctions. White shirt. $14.50. IE121 Same as above on black shirt with wording and logo in glitter gold ink. Very striking. $14.50. IE122 Logo with AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS across top and THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN across the bottom of the logo. White $14.50. IE124 Multi-slogan display on multi-colored tie-dyed shirt by New York fashion designer. $17.50. IE125 Multi-slogan display on black shirt by New York designer. $17.50. IE126 Seven color screen "Universal Brotherhood" theme on natural color cotton. ANC logo surrounded by flags of many nations, women with raised fists, and statements of Liberty, Unity, Equality, and Democracy. $18.00. IE127 "You Got the Power!" Now Is the Time!" Gold fist and lightning bolt thrusting from Johannesburg skyline. American artist. Specify white or black shirt. $19.00. IE128 Positive Images--All Shall Have Equal Rights. Six screen vivid and bright colors of multiracial and multiethnic women. Slogan from Freedom Charter of South Africa. Artist is German borne woman who works out of her Northern Mexico studio and displays her articles on a limited basis in North America. $18.00. IE129 Positive Images--Many Cultures, One Nation. ANC transitional slogan. Multiracial and multiethnic women surround the earth. Four doves of peace circle the oceans. White or natural. $18.00. IE130 Intertwining of ANC logo and facial representations of the African Diaspora. Original artwork by Debra Roberts commissioned specially for this project. White or natural. $18.00. IE131 "Towards a Just Peace" South African artist depiction of food, learning, housing, and employment springing from hands depicted as tree limbs growing towards the sun (the just peace). Blue on white or natural color. Very powerful. $15.50. IE132 "Peace Cannot be Bound" Peace dove emerges from bound hands. South African artist's interpretation of the meaning of the April 27 election. Caption of shirt: South Africa Day of Liberation April 27, 1994. White or natural. $17.50. IE133 Long sleeve sweat shirt. Ragland crew 7 oz. 50/50 blend. White or black with logo and NOW IS THE TIME! L and XL $28.00 2X and 3X $31.00. IE134 Jerzees Full Pullhood same saying as IE133. L and XL $22.00 2X and 3X $22.00. IE134A Embroidered Hooded Pullover. Black with ANC logo. Finest quality medium weight French terry. 100% cotton, oversized, drawstring hood and drop tail. $35.00. IE134B Embroidered Jams. Same color and logo as IE134A. M, L, XL, XXL $22.00. IE136 Superweight sweat pants with side pockets. Same logo as IE134. Logo in sparkle gold. L, XL, 2X, 3X $28.00. IE138 ANC flash tie. Dark blue with green and gold diagonal thin patterns and letters ANC. South Africa $20.00. IE139 ANC stripe tie. Light blue with small black, green, and gold diagonal stripes and small ANC logo. South Africa $20.00.

WATCHES------------- IE140 Quartz movement with sweep second hand. Face shows ANC logo and slogans Now Is the Time and Vote. Reverse bears legend etched in Stainless Steel back "First Free Election South Africa 1994." Black leather band. Made in China. Sporty, everyday wear. Offered through IMEX's agreement with the ANC's authorized watchmaker. $29.95. IE141 Quartz movement with sweep second hand. Golden finish on sides and front. Face shows ANC logo and slogans with reverse same as above. Leather band with faux reptile finish. Made in China. $35.95. IE142 Quartz movement digital readout clear acrylic clock. Rectangular with beveled edges. ANC logo on left below readout, and AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS flush right. $13.50. IE143 Dome shaped LCD clock providing time and date. Clear acrylic with black rolled edging. Logo with AFRICAN NATIONAL across top and CONGRESS below. $20.00.

JEWELRY---------------------- IE150 ANC earrings. Logo. South Africa. $11.00. IE151 ANC pendant. Logo. South Africa. $11.00. IE152 Malachite bead necklace. Craft made in South Africa. $32.50.

KEYRINGS--------------------- IE161 ANC leather keyring with ANC logo in gold lettering. Made in South Africa. $8.00. IE162 Keytag with ANC logo in cast metal with AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS arched under the logo. Copper-type brown finish. $9.50. IE163 Coin keytag. Goldine (golden bronze) coin keytag 34mm (1 3/8" diameter). Centered logo with THE PEOPOLE SHALL GOVERN! arching across the top and NOW IS THE TIME! across the bottom. Centered on either side of the logo is 19 on left and 94 on right. $12.50. IE164 Wooden keyring made from African woods. Mask type carvings and depictions in various colors. Craft item from South Africa. $10.00.

BUMPER STICKERS--ALL STICKERS ARE $2.00 EACH. IE170 Logo on left with AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS on top and NOW IS THE TIME! on bottom to the side of the logo. IE172 Same as IE170 except slogan is THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN! IE173 3 color with logo on left AFRICAN in black, NATIONAL in green, and CONGRESS in gold across the sticker.

BUTTONS AND PINS--------------- IE180 Letters A N C in black on green with black, green, and gold color bands. This button is the same style as the South African button presented to President Mandela at the United Nations following his End Sanctions speech. 1 3/8" diameter. Union Made in the USA $1.00. IE181 Celluloid Button. Rectangual designed to look like a stamp with logo flush left, 1994 upper right, AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS across the bottom and FIRST FREE ELECTION SOUTH AFRICA centered at right of logo in three colors. $2.50. IE182 Clois-on Lapel Pin custom shape. Gold color with letters A N C. $7.00. IE183 Photo-Dome Pin. ANC logo in three colors on white background. AFRICAN arched over top of logo and NATIONAL CONGRESS arched under bottom. $8.50. IE184 Photo-Dome Pin. Dove Hands in brown. FIRST FREE ELECTIONS over top and IN SOUTH AFRICA at base. 19 on left of artwork and 94 on right. $8.50. IE185 Same as 184 except logo is artwork. $8.50.

COFFEE MUGS--ALL MUGS $12.95. 3 FOR $29.95. IE190 White mug wth centerd logo in gold coloring and FIRST FREE ELECTION above and IN SOUTH AFRICA below with 19 to left and 94 to right of logo. Gold rim. IE190B Same as IE190 on black mug. IE192 Same as IE190 except NOW IS THE TIME wrapped and three color imprint on black mug. IE193 Same as IE192 except mug has straighter sides. IE194 Same as IE193 with white mug. IE195 White with "Towards a Just Peace" artwork in cobalt blue. IE196 White with Dove Hands in brown and black and wording THERE SHALL BE PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP arched above and below artwork. IE197 Coaster Tile. Resting place for mugs. Black tile with gold logo bottom left and ALL SHALL HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS at top of tile. Gold pinstripes and gold border on rest of tile. $15.00.

TOTE BAGS--ALL TOTE BAGS ARE $22.00.------------------ IE200 Universal Brotherhood theme. 15" x 19" Multiscreen on natural color bag. Design, silk screen and manufacturing by Michigan based women owned shop. IE201 "Moving On" Four women in colorful African dress and hats on yellow bag. Michigan firm. People have stopped IMEX representatives on the streets of New York, Washington, D.C., and Houston to try and buy this bag or ask where they could get it. You can get it here. From Universal Brotherhood company. IE202 "Towards a Just Peace" design in blue and FIRST FREE ELECTIONS -- SOUTH AFRICA 1994 at base. IE203 "Dove Hands" design with FORWARD TO FREEDOM slogan. IE204 "Take Care of the Children of the Earth!" Positive Images. Children being lifted to the stars on the hands of adults.

POSTERS AND POSTCARDS--ALL POSTERS ARE $10.00 EACH. 5 for $40.00. IE210 THERE SHALL BE PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP. From South Africa. IE211 ADVANCE TO NATIONAL DEMOCRACY. Slogan and logo. South Africa. IE212 "Planet Earth." Continent of Africa as seen from NASA space shuttle. IE213 Black History. 20 photographs of famous Black people with brief essays. IE214 Book of Postcards. Paintings by African Americans. National Museum of Art Smithsonian Institution. 30 full-color reproductions from portraiture of the early republic to contemporary. Includes Alma Thomas, Jacob Lawrence, Lois Mailou Jones and William H. Johnson, to name a few. Each oversized card is perforated for easy removal. $8.95.

OFFICE, HOME, SCHOOL--------------------- IE220 Paper Cube. Black ANC logo with African National Congress at base. $10.00. IE221 Bookmark. ANC logo and AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS. Metal. $5.00. IE222 Golden Letter Opener with imprinted words AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS followed by logo. Comes with enclosure pouch. $19.95. IE223 10 gauge Goldine coin/medallion. Logo with arch over top of THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN! Wrapped around bottom is NOW IS THE TIME! Separating phrases are 19 and 94. Reverse is African continent with GOD BLESS AFRICA on top and ALL SHALL HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS on bottom. 39mm 1.5" diameter. Comes with deluxe blue jewelry box. $18.50.

FOR THE FUN OF IT (KICKIN')------------------- IE232 Black fanny pack. Logo with AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS lettering. $9.95. IE233 Blues Brothers Style Sunglasses. Logo with letters ANC on side. $5.00. IE234 Neon Rubber Sunglasses. Assorted colors only, all very bright. Same logo and letters as above. $5.00. IE235 Rainbow Visor. Logo with NOW IS THE TIME! $4.00. IE236 For Motion Yo-Yo. Black yo-yo with logo and MANY CULTURES ONE NATION. $6.00. IE237 X-zylo. If you like Frisbees (C, TM), then you need a X-zylo. Gyroscopic action, flies far and straight, even against the wind. Creates its own lift for longer flights. AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS lettering with ANC colors. $7.95. IE238 Can holder/beverage cooler. Polyurethane can holder keeps drinks cold. Logo in white lettering on black holder. $2.50.


If you know retail stores in your area that would like to carry these items, let them know about these products. We have more products than those featured here, and we plan some storefronts soon.

IMEX TRADERS 3808 Arrow Drive Austin, Texas 78749 USA Voice/Fax 1 512 292 1936 Voice Toll Free USA 1 800 ANC 7155 Email


Complete this form so we will have all the information necessary to quickly and conveniently fill your order. BE SURE TO QUOTE THE PRODUCT CODE FOR EACH SEPARATE ITEM.

We gladly send presents to friends, relatives, and places of business if you supply the delivery addresses in the spaces provided and include a separate postage and handling charge for each address. If you are not sure what to choose, we will provide an IMEX gift certificate for any value you specify. Simply copy the order form and write "ADDITIONAL ORDER" on the form.

Any local duty or import tax levied is payable on receipt of goods. Goods are shipped FOB Austin, Texas USA.

Some of our products are handmade or imported and supplies can be limited, so order early and avoid disappointment.

The prices quoted are subject to change without notice. However, for persons receiving this information by computer transmission, prices will be honored through February 15, 1994.


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----------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT NUMBER /DESCRIPTION /SIZE /QUANTITY /PRICE /TOTAL












------------------------------------------------------------- VALUE OF GOODS /---.-- POSTAGE AND HANDLING /---.-- TEXAS AND D.C. RESIDENTS ADD APPLICABLE SALES TAX /---.-- TOTAL WITHIN U.S. /---.-- ADDITIONAL POSTAGE FOR CANADA $6.00 (PLUS GST) /---.-- ADDITIONAL POSTAGE OUTSIDE U.S. $15.00 /---.-- TOTAL OUTSIDE U.S. /---.--

SUMMARY: YOUR ORDER------------------------------ /---.-- ADDITIONAL ORDERS 1. /---.-- 2. /---.-- 3. /---.--


IMEX TRADERS, 3808 Arrow Drive, Austin, Texas 78749 USA Voice/Fax +1 512 292 1936 Toll Free USA 1 800 ANC 7155 E-mail

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