ECA Programme in Science and Technology during 1996-1997

ECA Programme in Science and Technology during 1996-1997


First Meeting of the African Regional Conference on
Science and Technology

Yaounde, Cameroon 6-10 November 1995

ECA Programme in Science and Technology during 1996-1997


The activities in science and technology of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for the biennium 1996-1997 are now carried out under the Subprogramme "Infrastructural and Structural Transformation", which is part of the larger Programme titled "Regional Cooperation for Development (Africa).

After over a decade of activity since the Vienna Conference on Science and Technology for Development, African States have generally established national science and technology policy institution for coordinating activities in this field. However very few have shifted from the old concept of considering science and technology as being merely research and manpower training.

The link between science and technology policy and the social and economic policies has not yet been fully grasped. The involvement of national stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of policies still needs to be strengthened.

Hence in the 1996-1997 biennium, efforts will be intensified at giving a practical expression to the recommendations made in the earlier bienniums, especially in the areas of linking science and technology to the social and economic imperatives in the member States. Special emphasis will be on formulating and implementing social and economic policies that at more supportive of capacity building in science and technology, and the formulation of appropriate legislations to implement these policies, the training of entrepreneurs who can avail of the science and technology developed.


1. International Cooperation

External relations

Close cooperation with the Organization of African Unity in the field of science and technology including the implementation of the Science and Technology Protocol of the African Economic Community. Cooperation will also be enhanced with other inter- governmental and non-governmental organizations including the African Development Bank, African Regional Centre for Engineering Design and Manufacturing, the African Regional Centre for Technology and the African Regional Organization for Standardization.

2. Parliamentary Services

a) Parliamentary documentation (1997)

Six reports to the African Regional Conference on Science and Technology (ARCST) (1997):

~ Sample legislations for the implementation of S&T policies.

~ Measures to enhance entrepreneurial capacity to
exploit S&T

~ The development of S&T popularization programmes
through the mass media.

~ Activities of its working groups.

~ Proposals for reform of S&T curricula at secondary and
tertiary levels in possible cooperation with UNESCO.

~ The role of ECA sponsored regional institutions in
science and technology.

b) Substantive Services

~ Organization and servicing of the 2nd meeting of the
African Regional Conference on Science and Technology (1997)

c) Technical Services

~ Organization and servicing of the West African working
group of the ARCST (1996)

~ Organization and servicing of a meeting of the
specialized working group on Nuclear Science and Technology (1997).

d) Ad hoc experts groups and related preparatory work.

~ Organization and servicing of an expert meeting on
sample legislations for implementation of S&T policy (1996)

~ Ad hoc expert meeting on measures to enhance
entrepreneurial capacity to exploit S&T (1997)

3. Published Material

Non-recurrent publications

~ Science and technology in Africa: policy options for
the 21st century (1997)

~ Legislations for implementing S&T policy (1997)

~ Entrepreneurial capacity to exploit S&T (1997)

4. Operational Activities

a) Advisory Services

(i) Advisory services to member States on science and technology development and application and to ECA sponsored institutions on their S&T programmes and managerial capabilities.

b) Group training

(i) Training workshop on Production of S&T Popularization Programmes for Mass Media (1996)

(ii) Training workshop on Mobilization and
Use of Foreign Direct Investment for Technology Capacity Building (1997)

5. Coordination, harmonization and liaison

~ Participation in meetings of the Commission on Science and Technology of the Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development.

~ Organization and servicing of concertation meetings
between ECA and UNESCO on S&T.

~ Participation in ad-hoc meetings with other UN
agencies, regional and subregional organizations, IGO's, NGO's and development agencies on S&T for development.

Since these activities have already been programmed and approved by the ECA authorities and by the UN General Assembly they are provided here mainly for information. However ECA would like to avail of this opportunity to get some reactions from member States. Questions which could be discussed include:

~ Are most of the programmed activities relevant to
member States' concern ?

~ How can member States benefit the most from ECA
activities ?

~ What are the activities which are of most interest ?

~ How can ECA serves better member States ?

~ What can member States suggest for future or for
extra-budgetary activities ?

~ What should be the priorities of ECA in science and
technology ?


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