The Uganda Society Newsletter, 1995-1997

The Uganda Society Newsletter, 1995-1997


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I Notes on Contributors

II Editor's Note

III Articles

* Colonial Treaties and the Legal Regime of the Nile Valley: Rethinking the Legal Framework into the Twenty-First Century (Part II), John Ntambirweki

* To Be or Not to Be: The Precarious Status of Parliaments in the "Transition to Democracy" in East Africa, A.G.G. Gingyera-Pinycwa

* An Ambiguity in the 1995 Constitution Concerning the Creation of New Districts in Uganda, Philip W. Rosemann

* Implementation of Value Added Tax: Lessons From the First Year-July 1996 to June 1997, Justin Zake

* A.M. Obote Revisited: A Review Article, Balam Nyeko

* Who Actually Was Emin Pasha? A German Explorer's Contribution to the Birth of Modern Uganda, Volker Riehl

* Health Practices in Uganda, Peter Cowley

IV Notes

* The Anguish of Northern Uganda (extracts from a report), Robert Gersony

* Main Strands in the Debate about Land Ownership in Uganda

* What Did We Bring of Beijing to Uganda: An Introduction to the Fourth World Conference onWomen (FWCW) Held in Beijing, China, 4 - 15 September 1995, Margaret Snyder

* The NGO Perspective at the 4th UN World Conference on Women, Geraldine Bitamazire

* The Meaning of Beijing for Higher Education in Uganda, Joy Kwesiga

* Impertives for International Donor Action, Elizabeth Kharono

V Book Reviews

* Two Hundred Years of Uganda - All in One Book! Uganda Almanac and Record Book, Timothy Kalyegira

* The Life of Prince Badru Kakungulu Wasajja (by A.B.K. Kasozi), Abu K. Mayanja

* Uganda's Poorly Kept Secrets (by Charles Onyango Obbo), Justus Mugaju

* Kampala Women Getting By: Well-being in the Time of AIDs (by Sandra Wallman), Robert Kibuuka

* Fate of the Banished (by Julius Ocwinyo), Tabaire Bernard

VI Uganda Bibliography 1988-89, Thomas Ofcansky

VII Letters to the Editor


I Notes on Contributors

II Editor's Note

III Articles

* Commemorating the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda: One Step Forward, How Many Steps Back?, J. Oloka-Onyango

* Land Tenure Relations in Uganda, 1900-95, Apolo R. Nsibambi

* Colonial Treaties and the Legal Regime of the Nile Valley: Rethinking the Legal Framework into the Twenty-First Century, with Special Emphasis on Uganda's Interests, John Ntambirweki

* Some Thoughts on Ancient Historical Dimensions of Curent Conflicts intheGreater Kivu Region, David Lee Schoenbrun

* Reflections on Church and Politics in Uganda, Akiiki B. Mujaju

* Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) In Uganda Waters: Its Problems and the Means of Control, F.L. Orach-Meza

IV Notes

* What is Special Needs Education with Reference to Uganda? Mary Stella Atim

* Special Needs Education in Uganda: The Creation of the Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE), Edward Kasolo Kimuli

* Special Needs Education inUganda: The Creation of EARS or Educational Assessment and Resource Services, Veronica K. Mpagi

* The Uganda Writers association (UWA), Frank Anywar

* Architecture in Uganda: Are Any Old Buildings Worth Saving? G.W. Katatumba and Vivian Craddock Williams

V Book Reviews

* Sowing the Mustard Seed (by H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni), Sabiiti Makara

* Looking Back at the Uganda Protectorage: Recollections of District Officers (edited by Doublas and Marcelle V. Brown), A.G.G. Gingyera-Pinycwa

* Politics, Constitutionalism and Electioneering in Uganda: A Study of the 1994 Constituent Assembly Elections (edited by Sabiti-Makara, Geoffrey B. Tukahebwa and Foster Byarugaba), Edward Kirumira

* Uganda: The Crisis of Confidence (by A.M. Kirunda-Kivejinja), William Muhumuza

* Religion, Ethnicity and Politics in Uganda (by Dan M. Mudoola), Robert Jatemwa and Frederick Ssali

* The First Daughter (by Goretti Kyomuhendo), Robert Jatemwa

* Street Children: Why Are They Out? (by Geoffey Steven Kyeyune), Robert Jatemwa

VI Uganda Bibliography 1985-87, Thomas Ofcansky

VII Letters to the Editor


I Notes on Contributors

II Editor's Note

III Articles

* Uganda's Response to the Challenge of HIV/AIDs, Omwony Ojwok and John Rwomushana

* A Review of the Economic History of Uganda's Progress under its Structural Adjustment Programme, Mark J. Ellyne

* Sacred Forests in Modern Ganda Society, Gombya Sembajwe

* New Sources on the Nile Controversy: The Letters of Capt. Sir Richard Burton, Donald A. Young

* The Women's Movement in Uganda, Joy Kwesiga

* Prospects for the Dairy Industry in Uganda, Herbert S.K. Nsubuga

IV Notes

* The Islamic University in Uganda, Mahdi Adam

* The Uganda Martyrs University, Michel Lejeune

* Bugema University, Moses L. Golola

* The Christian University in Uganda, Epraim Nsubuga

* Recent Archaeological Research in South-Western Uganda 1985-94, E.R. Kamuhangire

V Book Reviews

* St. Paul's Cathedral Namirembe (by Karen Moon), Rev. John Kalimi

* Religion and Politics in East Africa (edited by H.B. Hansen and Michael Twaddle), Justus Mugaju

* The Social Origins of Violence (by A.B.K. Kasozi), Akiiki Mujaju

* Uganda: Landmarks in Rebuilding a Nation (edited by P. Langseth, J. Katorobo, E. Brett and J. Munene), Justus Mugaju

* Uganda: Studies in Living Conditions, Popular Movements and Constitutionalism (edited by Mahmood Mamdani and Joe Oloka-Onyango), A.G.G. Gingyera-Pinycwa

VI Bibliographies on Uganda since 1974, Olivia M. Mutibwa

VII Obituary: Edison Wamara Rugumayo

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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