The Uganda Society Newsletter, No. 5, 1998

The Uganda Society Newsletter, No. 5, 1998

Uganda Society Newsletter


December 1998


Join us at the Uganda Society's End of Year party, December 14, 1999. Please see the item below for details.

Also, the Annual General Meeting is coming up on January 28, 1999. This is your chance to shape your Society. If you are interested in getting more involved with the Society, join us and find out about some of our sub-committees. You definitely have a skill that can help move the Society forward. We're always looking for people with ideas and energy to contribute to the Society.

Are you doing research we might be interested in? Do you know anyone who is? We are always looking for lecture ideas.....bring yours along to the next lecture! Also, if you have small items of information you have discovered, or things you have wondered about that someone in the Society might have the answer to, drop a note at the library for the "Newsletter Editor" and we will put your item in the next newsletter.

Note: Committee members should contact the Hon. Secretary if they wish to stand for reelection.


Eibanja tirihiira mu nju.

A debt doesn't burn when a hut catches fire.

When you die, your heirs will have to repay your debts, one way or the other.



next lecture is:

November 26 -- The Role of B.A.T. (U) in Uganda's Socio-economic Development, by Mr. Jimmy Kiberu, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Manager, British American Tobacco, Uganda

Join us at the museum at 5:30 p.m. and save a few minutes afterward to enjoy a soda or a beer and discuss what you've heard.

We will not have a lecture in December, as usual. Instead we will have a party for members at the museum. Please see the next item for information about the End of Year Party!

Tentative schedule for the new year (these are not yet confirmed):

January 28, 1999 - Annual General Meeting, 6 p.m.

February 25, 1999 - Mr. Cato Lund on palaces of Ugandan kingdoms.

March 25, 1999 - South African High Commissioner, Mr. D. Mhalaba

April 22, 1999 - Mr. Justin Willis on Alcoholism in the region and in history

May 27, 1999 - Mr. Olanga on the history of the Bahai

Remember, we hold a lecture every month on the fourth Thursday.

End of Year Party

Our end of year party for Society members plus invited guests will be held on Monday, December 14 at 6:30 in the museum. Please come and join us! We will feature Ugandan foods this year. Cash bar. Last year's party was a lovely event and this one proves to be even better. Volume 44 of the Uganda Journal will be on sale. The party is sponsored by MAKSS Industries.

"One who hasn't eaten cannot stretch himself out" (to rest and digest) said the pied wagtail.

If one is restless it means that he has not found what he needs.

"Who goes to bed supperless, all night tumbles and tosses"

the Uganda Journal

Volume 44 of the

Uganda Journal is on the shelves at last. Stop by the library for copies, or buy one at any of our lectures. We will also be selling Journals at the Kabira and IWO Bazaars. The new volume costs only 10,000/= and is worth every penny. Articles include John Ntambirweki on colonial treaties of the Nile Valley, A.G.G. Gingyera-Pinycwa on the precarious status of parliaments in East Africa, Philip Rosemann on the ambiguity of the 1995 constitution regarding new districts in Uganda, Justin Zake on implementation of the VAT, Balam Nyeko on A.M. Obote, Volker Riehl on Emin Pasha and Peter Cowley on health practices in Uganda. Many of these articles are expansions of lectures we presented earlier. If you enjoy our lectures, buy a Journal and explore the topics in greater depth. As always, there is a fascinating notes section and a number of reviews of important books.

Work begins shortly on volume 45 of the Uganda Journal. Anyone with ideas for articles or notes should contact the Hon. Editor, Mr. Dent Ocaya-Lakidi at 531-499 or the assistant editor, Sheena Carey at 267-080. The Journal is also seeking funding to help support the cost of printing. If you have ideas for fund raising, please let us know.


Akagambo karungi kakaraaza empitsi aha rwigi.

Kind words make the hyena remain quietly at the door.

Kind words soothe anger and abusiveness.

"Honey catches more flies than vinegar"

Library News

Come join us for a morning to read or to do research. If you haven't visited us, we have a comfortable reading room with arm chairs as well as tables for serious work. In addition to our nearly 1800 titles, we have a periodical section and we house the library of the East African Wildlife Society. Visit us during our regular hours, or before a lecture.


We have recently received a copy of Volume 2 of the Uganda Journal (from 1934), and have located a copy of volumes 1 and 3. We are still trying to locate copies of Volumes 6 and 7. If anyone has any knowledge of a possible source for these volumes, please let us know.




* The Proverbs of Kigezi and Ankole, and Deogratias: An African Experience, from Dr. James Kigongo

The Wealth of wisdom of the people of kigezi and Ankole

The enchanting proverbs sprinkled through this newsletter come from The Proverbs of Kigezi and Ankole, kindly donated to our library by Dr. James Kigongo. The book, written by Fr. Marius Cisternino, Verona Father, stems from his 13 years in Uganda. The book is "the result," he says, "of 13 years of pleasure ... I had been sent to teach, but I never stopped learning." He presents more than 2500 proverbs, showing the text in the original language, translated literally into English, and with a brief explanation. The are grouped by subject, and are thoroughly indexed and referenced. He also offers a bibliography for those interested in a deeper pursuit of the area, its people and culture. There is something you can learn from on every page.

"I am not yet dead," says father; and keeps planting bark-cloth trees.

He who has little strength, but much love, keeps planting for his future generations.

Africa Contemporary Record

We are proud to feature in our library every volume of Africa Contemporary Record through volume XXII. That covers the period from 1968-69 through 1989-90. Each volume contains a section of essays on current issues, a country-by-country review, and transcripts or extracts from documents of the period in the areas of political affairs, international affairs, inter-African affairs, South Africa, and economic affairs. The essays in our latest volume, 1989-90, include "Trade Unions and Democratization in Africa," International Monitoring: The African Experience and Contribution," The Organization of African Unity, 1989 to Mid-1990: The End of a Disappointing Decade," and "SADCC: The Second Decade Commences." The Uganda section, written by Thomas Ofcansky who contributes regularly to our Journal, entitled "Signs of a Gradual Recovery," includes a survey of political affairs, military affairs, members of the government, human rights, refugees, AIDS, foreign affairs and economic affairs. Spanning well over 1,000 pages and indexed in copious detail, these volumes are clearly invaluable documents for anyone doing research on Africa from 1968 to 1990.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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