The Uganda Society Newsletter: Reprints for Sale

The Uganda Society Newsletter: Reprints for Sale

Volume, 2

Number, 1

Notes & Correspondence

Number, 3

The Riddle of Biggo, J.M. Gray

Mankind at War with the Insects, G.H.E. Hopkins

Volume, 3


Notes on Acholi Religious Ceremonies, A.C.A. Wright

Sowing and Harvesting in Ankole, F. Lukyn Williams

Volume, 11

Number, 2

The Giant Freshwater Perch of Africa, E.W. Gudger

Volume, 20

Number, 2

Two Surveys of Kasilang Erony, Teso, 1937 and 1953, P.N. Wilson & J.M. Watson

Volume, 23

Number, 1

The Kagera Triangle and the Kagera Salient, H.B. Thomas, O.B.E.

Number, 2

George Wilson and Dagoretti Fort, H.B. Thomas, O.B.E.

Volume, 24

Number, 1

Richard Buchta and Early Photography in Uganda, H.B. Thomas, O.B.E.

Volume, 25

Number, 1

Sir John Speke and the Royal Geographical Society, R.C. Bridges

Volume, 26

Number, 1

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts III, Sir John Gray, Ed.

Number, 2

Caves and Rock Shelters of Western Uganda, E.C. Lanning

Sudan-Uganda Boundary Rectification and the Sudanese Occupation of Madial, 1914, R.O. Collins

A Note on the Sebei Caves, Their Formation and Evidence of Recent Habitation, J.M. Weatherby & J.G. Wilson

The "Lost Counties" of Bunyoro, A.D. Roberts

Inter-Tribal Warfare on Mt. Elgon in the 19th and 20th Centuries, J.M. Weatherby

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts IV, Sir John Gray, Ed.

The Distribution of Traditional Types of Food Storage Containers in Uganda, D.N. McMaster

Gully Erosion in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, W.W. Bishop

An Akarimojong-English Check List of the Trees of Southern , V. Rada Dyson-Hudson

Volume, 27

Number, 2

Mahdist and Belgian Leaders in the Upper Nile During the Late 29th Century, Dr. Robert Collins

Volume, 28

Number, 2

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts VIII, Sir John Gray, Ed.

Nakasero Market, Kampala, P.H. Temple

Miku Sematimba, J.A. Rowe

Volume, 29

The Grasses of Queen Elizabeth National Park, J.M. Lock, Few

Number, 2

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts X, Sir John Gray, Ed.

H.M. Stanley's Journey through Ankole in 1889, Ntare School History Society

The Role of Forts in Safeguarding the Uganda Road, A.T. Matson & J.E.G. Sutton

The Education of African Muslims in Uganda, Felice Carter

Recent Archaeological Work in Southern Uganda, Glen H. Cole

Coffee and Prosperity in Buganda; Some Aspects of Economic and Social Change, W. Senteza Kajubi

Volume, 30

Number, 1

Notes: Archaeological Reconnaissance on the Sese Islands, B.MN. Gagan & Laurel

The Banana in Uganda, B.W. Langlands

The Correspondence of Dallington Mafta, Sir John Gray

Changes in the Extent and Distribution of Cultivation in Uganda, 1952-58, David N. McMaster

The Founding of Mbale, Michael Twaddle, Few

Number, 2

Notes: Archaeological Sites on the Nile-Chobi Confluence, B.M. Fagan and L. Lofgren

A Further Note on the Education of African Muslims, J. Sykes

Kigezi Operations, 1914-17, H.B. Thomas, O.B.E.

Cassava in Uganda, B.W. Langlands

Studies in Heart Disease in Uganda, A.G. Shaper

Apolo Kaggwa and the Pre-colonial History of Buganda, M.S.M. Kiwanuka, Few

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts XI, Sir John Gray

Volume, 31

Number, 1

The Decline of Immigrant Influence on the Uganda Administration, 1945-52, E.F. Engholm

On the Trail of Emin Pasha, E.W. Schnitzer

The Ik: Alias the Teso, C.M. Turnbull

Mining in Uganda, A.L. Job

The Published Works of E.J. Wayland, B.W. Langlands

On the Frontiers of Another World, H.B. Thomas, O.B.E.

The Evolution of the Kyabazingaship of Busoga, W.F. Nabwiso-Bulima

Traditional Religion and the Pre-colonial History of Africa:The Example of the Padhola, B.A. Ogot

Number, 2

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts XII, Sir John Gray

Drums in Padhola, A. Sharman and L. Anderson

The Reception of Alien Rule in Teso, G. Emwanu, Few

Bugoto: A Fishing Community on MacDonald Bay, Busoga, B. Ineichen

The Reign of Kasagama in Toro from a Contemporary Account, O.W. Furley, Few

Volume, 32

Number, 1

Plant Fossils from Bukwa, A. Hamilton, Few

Agricultural Change at Namakata, Bulemezi, A.W.J. Todd, Few

The Diaries of Emin Pasha - Extracts XIII, Sir John Gray, Few

Number, 2

The Lower Miocene Fossil Site in Bukwa, Sabei, A. Walker, Few

Kikukule: Guardian of Southeast Bunyoro, E.C. Lanning, Few

The Distribution of Certain Colonial Weaver Bird Species in , J.R. Hall, Few

Continuity Through Change in the Social History of Kibuli, Regina M. Solzbacher

Volume, 33

Number, 1

Kabaka Mwanga and his Political Parties, M.S.M. Kiwanuka, Few

A Survey of the Dug-out Canoes of Lake Albert and the Albert Nile, J.B. Hunter, Few

A Preliminary Note on the Sorat (Tepeth), J. Weatherby, Few

Number, 2

The Bakopi in the Kingdom of Buganda, 1900-12; Analysis of the Peasant Class in the Early Colonial Period, J.A. Atanda

Bigo Bya Mugenyi, M. Posnansky

The Vegetation of Southwest Kigezi, A. Hamilton

Volume, 34

Number, 1

The Class System Among the Banyankole, M.T. Mushanga

Status Conflict: Cattle and Education in Ankole, C. Murray

Mobility and Village Composition in Bunyoro, S.R. Charsley

Fossil Incisor from Lake Edward and a Method for Its , F. Von Barthfield, P. Erdbrink

Number, 2

The Maidenhair Ferns of Uganda, K.A. Lye

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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