Soc.Culture.Egyptian: Request for Discussion

Soc.Culture.Egyptian: Request for Discussion

                           Request For Discussion [revised]
			     Status changed to unmoderated

                         Group Name:  soc.culture.egyptian
                             Status:  Unmoderated
                       Distribution:  World-wide
                            Summary:  A  newsgroup for the discussion of 
                                      Egyptian culture and heritage.

This is a revised formal request for discussion (RFD) on the subject of creating a unmoderated Usenet newsgroup, soc.culture.egyptian.


A unmoderated cultural newsgroup which would provide a world-wide forum for discussion of the rich heritage, history, and cultural attributes that give Egypt its unique historical identity. Issues discussed would also include topics relevant to the development of Egyptian communities, in the realms of science, technology and culture.


There is already a mailing list for people interested in Egypt, named Egypt-Net . There is also the newsgroup alt.culture.egyptian which - being in the "alt" hierarchy - is not carried by most sites.

The intent is to create soc.culture.egyptian as an alternative and, for some, a more convenient vehicle to communicate about Egypt, so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. Also, to provide a forum for discussion of topics relevant to Egypt such as:

	- Archaeology
	- Egyptology
	- Egyptian Travel information.
	- Egyptian Culture, literature, music, and art in general.
	- Egyptian History and geography.
	- Egyptian Customs, traditions, food, etc.
	- Egyptian Living/Environment/etc.
	- Egyptian Sports.
	- Egyptian Political and social issues.

The discussion that followed the posting of the original RFD on Nov. 3, 1994 suggest that:

- there is a need for such a newsgroup,
- the newsgroup should be unmoderated

and hence the need for this revised RFD.

Newsgroup Creation:

(a) RFD

The discussion period of this revised RFD will last for nearly two weeks, starting from Dec. 1, 1994 and ending Dec. 14, 1994.

As per the USENET guidelines, the discussion would take place in news.groups. All followups should be under this same title heading:

"Re: 2nd RFD: soc.culture.egyptian"

The discussions so far prove that there is a general agreement to create this newsgroup. Hence, and unless other strong objections surface, a Call for Votes (CFV) will be issued on Dec. 15, 1994

(b) RFD Distribution

This revised RFD is cross-posted to the following newsgroups:

news.groups,		news.announce.newgroups,    soc.culture.arabic,
soc.culture.african,,    	sci.archaeology

(c) RFD Followups

Follow-ups will be directed to news.groups, as per USENET guidelines for newsgroup creation.

Husam Kinawi 
Mohsen Abdel-Hadi 

Mohsen Abdel-Hadi 
Noha Adly 
Dr. M. Deeb 
Tahany Gadalla 
Moustafa Ghanem 
Galal Hassan 
Dr. Abdelsalam Heddaya 
Dr. Ahmed Hussein 
Dr. Felib Iskander 
Magued Iskander 
Nermeen Ismail 
Ahmed Khattab 
Husam Kinawi 
Dr. Mohamed Sadek 
Nadia Shalaby 
Ahmed Shihab 
Hosam Sokkari 
Samiha Ragab  

From: (Husam Kinawi)
Subject: 2nd RFD: soc.culture.egyptian
Date: 30 Nov 1994 12:23:32 -0500
Message-ID: <3bicek$40p@rodan.UU.NET>

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