The Institute of Languages & International Communication (ILIC)
Dakar, Senegal

The West African Institute of Post-Graduate Mangagement Studies (CESAG) is proud to announce the inauguration of its new language training program, ILIC. This program seeks to provide young people from developed and developing countries with an opportunity to study together and become acquainted in an academic yet relaxed setting, and in an authentic but secured and modern African environment. ILIC invites applications from senior high school, college, and graduate students for Summer 1999 to study a variety of languages in intensive courses while immersing themselves in Senegalese culture.

CESAG, of which the ILIC is part, is located on a lovely 7.4 acre site in Dakar. It consists of three administrative buildings and seven other large buildings containing classrooms, a language laboratory, recording studio, and dormitories. Dormitories feature spacious rooms with a private bath, air conditioner, and cable TV. There is a medical infirmary and cafeteria on the CESAG premises. The campus is near the national radio and television headquarters and the central mosque of Dakar, a comfortable distance from the downtown area while close enough to facilitate access to cultural sites, embassies, medical facilities, and services of all kinds.

Students will be able to study French, Arabic, Portuguese, Wolof and Pulaar (Fulfulde) in intensive 3-week or 6-week sessions. During the six-week session, they can opt for an experience involving community service or project work and explore the possibility of obtaining course credit from their home institution.

In addition to strengthening foreign langauge skills, cultural activities will be woven into the ILIC curriculum to allow students to learn about Senegalese society and culture, thereby expanding their understanding of other ways of living. Cultural activities will include trips to historic sites and educational institutions, dance and drumming sessions, workshops with eminent writers, artists, and historians, film screenings, opportunities to interact with Senegalese peers, and more.


Languages offered: Wolof, Pulaar (Fulfulde), Arabic, French, Portuguese

Six-week session, June 14 - July 24, 1999.$4900
Includes course tuition, housing, daily meals (breakfast and lunch only), and excursions and cultural activities.
Three-week session, June 14 - July 3, 1999.$3400
Includes course tuition, housing, daily meals (breakfast and lunch only), and excursions and cultural activities.

* Pre-registration deadline, both sessions: April 15, 1999.
Non-refundable registration fee: $25
* Complete payment of fees must be received by May 15, 1999.
* Proof of medical insurance required.
* Mode of payment: International money order or direct transfer to CESAG.
* The use of FLAS fellowships for ILIC '99 may be negotiated.

For inquiries and registration, please contact:
Mr. Lamine Sy, Head of Department
The Institute of Languages and International Communication (ILIC)
Boulevard Général de Gaulle x Malick Sy
BP 3802 Dakar
Phone: 221-822-80-22/821-31-53
Fax: 221-821-32-15

* * * * * * * * * *
ILIC + Travel Package
In collaboration with TIMBUKTOURS, ILIC offers the following packages. They include New York-Dakar round trip airfare, airport transfers between Léopold Sédar Senghor Airport and CESAG, and complete ILIC fees.

Six weeks:$ 5865
Three weeks:$ 4365

Mr. Laye Thiam-Timbuktours
266 West Dudley Avenue
Westfield, NJ 07090

phone: 908-654-8204
fax: 908-654-2954

If a travel package is purchased, all fees may be paid directly to Timbuktours.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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