Yama International Pen Pals.

Yama International Pen Pals.


Yama International Pen Pals is a pen pal network which was established in January 1990.Based in Modesto, California Yama has successfully introduced thousands of pen pals worldwide.

The people who make up Yama's network of pen pals are generally caring, friendly people from wide variety of backgrounds.They are interested in learning about other cultures, hobbies, and enjoy reading and writing. They look forward to making many new pen friends.

Yama International's network of pen pals is growing daily.It is Yama's goal to become the top pen pal organization in the world.When people think of pen pals we want them to think of "Yama International Pen Pals".

Yama International has put together a pen pal guide to help people of all ages to find the pen pal connections they are seeking (or help them find you).

Pen Pal Guide - US $8.95

Library ISSN 1078-7100

Explore the wonderful world of pen palling.This attractive, spiral-bound booklet is all that's needed to get you started in a fascinating new hobby; penfriendship.

Inside you will find letter writing tips, postal procedures, and pen palling hints which will help make your pen palling experiences more rewarding. Also included is a list of terminologies, to provide you with a better understanding of pen pal lingo, and directories which include addresses of pen pals and pen pal organizations.

Yama's Pen Pal Guide is published yearly, with one unique distinction, the directories are updated quarterly; which means the listings are current and the people are eagerly waiting to hear from other pen pals.

Include yourself in the next Pen Pal Guide directory.It is free to list yourself when you order a Pen Pal Guide.Simply send in your order along with a completed pen pal registration form (or send a personalized letter), and your listing will be included in the next quarterly update.

To be listed in our next Pen Pal Guide update, fill out this section (optional).

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Each Pen Pal Guide Is Only US $ 8.95

In the USA include $3.00 for shipping/handling Orders from outside the USA include US $4.00 for shipping/handling California residents add 7.375% Sales Tax

VISA and MasterCard accepted ------------

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International Reply Coupons (IRC) are accepted in lieu of US money.2 IRC = US $1.00 1000 Japanese Yen accepted for one Pen Pal Guide (includes shipping/handling)

Mail Orders To:

Yama International Pen Pals

1620 Tully Road Suite A

Modesto, CA 95350


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